Bike shops are down with the WTP Avenger

10 03 2016

It goes without saying that you should support your local bike shop whenever you can.

This is even more true if you have a cool bike shop in your area that supports BMX.

And if that shop stocks cruisers…well, then you’ve got gold my friend.

These thoughts come to mind when I came across two shops promoting the 2016 We The People Avenger cruiser in their shops.

Harvester Bikes rolled out a freshly assembled Avenger for all to see on their Instagram feed a short while back.

To build on that hype, they posted a followup “unboxing” vid of the bike being assembled.

W-Base Garage, a shop in Japan, also got into the WTP Avenger action a while back.

The folks at W-Base, of course, busted out a bar endo.

They must of known I’m a sucker for bar endos.

It’s good to see shops stocking..and promoting!…cruisers.

Turn heads with Trickstar-inspired 24

9 10 2010

If you’ve ever thought about a Trickstar-inspired cruiser, or were a fan of Woody Itson‘s pink Trickstar back in the day, this may be the bike for you. Check out the front end in the pictures below for the obvious Hutch Trickstar influence.

Japan’s online BMX store, W-Base teamed up with x-girl (a clothing company) to create this limited edition cruiser. Only 100 were made and they have been available since April from online store Calif.

Two versions are available:

Neon pink with white forks

Matte white with pink forks

There are silver, blue and black components throughout on both versions.