Walnut Creek Wednesday

30 03 2016

One of my absolute favorite places to hit when visiting Austin, Texas is the Walnut Creek Pumptrack.

I still remember my first time there…riding a bike I had borrowed from Buddy (who was kind enough to drive me out there) and just having a great time riding this great spot with Buddy and a bunch of cool ATX locals.

Buddy Walnut Creek

The pumptrack has something for everyone…whatever your skill level, you’re going to find something there you can ride.

But that’s only half of it.

The vibe out at Walnut Creek is just plain awesome.

Jokes, high fives, talking about bikes, people trying new things…beers…it all contributes to the good times.

It’s a place you really have to check out if you get the chance.

With that being said, I came across this video (from Hippie Josh) the other day that seems to really capture what Walnut Creek is all about.

It’s a few years old but no less relevant today.

Check it out.

Breakfast tacos, SXSW, pumptracks & BMX

19 03 2015

If you’ve read my previous post, Austin Texas picture show, you know that I love visiting Austin, Texas.

So when the opportunity came up to tag along with my girlfriend’s trip to the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, I had to jump on it.

texas wall

Granted, I knew it would be busier this time around with the conference/festival in full swing, but I had every intention of making the most of it.

sxsw crowdFrankly, I was just looking forward to some good breakfast tacos and a break from this frigid winter we’ve been having.

I love tacosFirst item on the agenda was to set up a session at the Walnut Creek pumptrack with Austin local, Buddy Sardenga.

Buddy was kind enough to not only pick me up in his sweet van–with flames on the sides–but allow me to borrow the infamous Beelzebike 20666’er bike (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and click the link…it’s so rad!)

Beelzebike walnut creekI probably should have taken more than this “behind bars” shot but I was having too much fun and we only had time for a quick session, so this will have to suffice. Rest assured, Buddy (and all the other super cool locals) were shredding Walnut Creek.

Next up was to visit some local Austin bike shops.

This, of course, meant a trip to Empire BMX.

I actually ended up at Empire twice during my time in Austin. They were always quick to help, knowledgeable and in-stock of whatever I was looking for.  Every town should be so lucky to have a shop like this…thankfully you can still get their great service online.

empire store front

After Empire, I made the trip out to Ozone Bike Dept.

While not a pure BMX shop per se, they did have a nice selection of Firemans Texas Cruzers in stock. The shop guys were super helpful and were quite open to helping me out with any custom options I might want to make, if I were to consider a Firemans build.

Ozone also probably has the best bike shop t-shirt that I have ever seen.

ozone bike dept tee

After that, it was off to Bicycle Farm.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this place beyond the fact that I had heard that they have a ramp in the backyard.

What I did get when I arrived, was a really cool bike shop experience! Walking in, along the side of the building, was a bunch of old and mid-school frames hanging up for sale. We’re talking an old Dyno, a Mosh frame and a bunch of other cool stuff. If you’re a BMXMuseum type…this will be right up your alley.

Turns out this shop carries both new and used bikes . The first thing that caught my eye was this Sunday build that the shop did up in a custom color.

custom sunday at bicycle farmThis thing was sooo nice!

And yes, the shop did have a ramp in the backyard.

bicycle farm rampIf you put two and two together at this point…yes, I took the Sunday out for a spin on the ramp! (Unfortunately, I was so worried that they might get me to stop, that I didn’t ask anybody to take a picture…which I probably should have…they seemed pretty chill.)

After some laps, I checked out some more cool stuff in the shop. We’re talking not only a 22″ Indust frame but a very nice looking 24″ Indust Cuatro frame! (If only my suitcase was bigger…)

All and all, a very unique shop and one that perfectly encapsulates the Austin vibe…super easy-going but serious about giving you a good experience.

Good times all around.

Tip of the hat Austin, for treating me so well.


I was also hoping to hit PCBMX in Pflugerville, which I have heard good things about, but ended up running out of time. Will have to check them out next time.

Bobby Parker’s Colorado trip highlights

12 08 2011

Bobby Parker and the Sunday crew recently made  a trip up to Colorado  to hit the plethora of concrete parks available in the state. While there, they managed to hill bomb Mt. Evans (which is supposed to feature the highest paved road in North America) and shoot some great footage.

Andrew Brady was able to capture some of the radness that went down with his camera and Bobby was cool enough to send some of the photos along. He also included a writeup for each one to give you a look into what went on “behind the scenes” for each photo.

So without further ado, here’s some highlights from Bobby Parker’s Colorado trip in his own words:

One-footed table at Boulder skatepark.  This place is wild!  Big hips everywhere that went all ways and angles.  For some reason I started getting the feel for opposite tables on my Model C a while ago on some long sessions at the Walnut Creek Pump Track….For me it seems like opposite carves/airs and opposite tables work better on the 24″.  It is debatable on what specifically makes these things happen…something else that’s awesome that cruisers bring to the table (oh yeah….pun intended).  The hip at the Boulder park just started feeling really good that way and I had never really toyed with one-footed tables before so I let a few fly. – Bobby

No hander at Valmont Bike Park. Lets just say I still have a reminder of Valmont on me right now…in the form of road rash and a sprained ankle.  We rolled into the parking lot about 30 minutes before it was too dark to ride but still managed to ride for about 45….I was trying to get in as many laps as I could so when I saw a few of the Sunday guys take some cranks into the XL line I jumped right behind.

Next thing I know my tire doesn’t quite make it to the end of the log ride and I get sent. A little bit of blood never hurt anyone, I guess.

As I go back to the van to straighten out my bars (and dust myself off) Andrew went to go set up his flashes on the last jump to take a picture of one of the Sunday guys.  The team guy ends up calling it quits on account of it starting to get dark.  The mosquitos were the size of battleships out there and I knew Brady was being feasted upon.  I told him I would try something for his efforts of setting up all of his flash stands.  This is what we came up with.  – Bobby

Sounds like an awesome trip. In his email, Bobby said there was so many awesome places to ride that they didn’t even put a dent in all the skateparks Denver had to offer. Looks like Colorado is going to be getting a lot more visitors in the near future if people start getting wind of what’s available there.

Who’s that at Walnut Creek?

27 01 2011

Bobby Parker knows I love a good tabletop photo.

That’s why I was so stoked to see this in my in-box the other day.

While he may be partially hidden behind the tree leaves, nothing obscures the radness of the table.

Bobby Parker table at Walnut Creek, Texas

Bonus info: It’s Bobby’s birthday today!