Lairdframe celebrates its 200th frame

21 04 2016

Mike Laird made a name for myself as a BMX Pro but these days he spends most of his time making high-end custom frames that bear his name.

And those frames might just end up having a bigger impact on the riding community than his pro career ever did.

Still riding at a high level but retired from the contest scene, Mike has turned his attention to building the best custom frames he can for all types of riders.

We’ve featured a couple of Lairdframes in the past and have always been blown away.


Now with the milestone of the 200th frame reached (with a special one-off for himself)…it’s a good time to check out this video Mike put together a few months ago.

It walks through the journey Mike took from getting into riding, turning Pro and transitioning into a custom frame builder.

Check it out.


Sutty’s custom Invictus Bikes cruiser

29 03 2016

UK rider, Roy “Sutty” Sutton spotted our recent post on Curtis Bikes’ unconventional cruiser and decided to drop us a line about another custom frame builder in the UK that will “build anything you want”…Invictus Bikes.

Invictus just finished his custom 24″ dirt/park/race cruiser (it’s just going to paint) and he sent along some early photos to share the stoke.

invctus front(1)

It features the following specs:
  • 69 degree head tube
  • 72 degree seat tube
  • 23″ top tube
  • 14″ rear stay
  • 11.2″ bottom bracket height
  • 135mm dropouts to run a disc brake

invictus rear

Sutty’s going to provide an update when it’s painted and ready to go. The frame comes in at a tidy 4 pounds (if that sort of thing matters to you).

invictus sideLooking forward to seeing this rig all built up!

Sutty says his M.O. these days is “pump tracks/dirt/park and the occasional race”…so maybe some action shots too?

Curtis Bikes’ unconventional cruiser

14 01 2016

I shared an early photo of this Curtis cruiser frame last week on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page.

Curtis Bikes had taken an unconventional approach to this custom cruiser frame so my interest was definitely piqued.

Now, Curtis Bikes has released new pictures…and wow, this is a really cool looking frame.

curtis cruiserIt features a 22″ top tube, 14.9-15.3″ chain stays and 10 x 135 mm* dropouts set up to run  a Hope hub and Tech 3 disc brake.

*Spacing typically seen on MTBs

curtis cruiser dropouts and hub

Check out this brake bridge.

curtis cruiser brake bridgeI’m feeling this blue finish too.

curtis cruiser rear viewHere’s the rest of the specs:

  • Headtube angle: 73 degrees
  • Seattube angle: 69 degrees
  • Top tube length: 21, 212.5, 21.75″ and custom (like the one above)
  • Chain stays: 14.9 – 15.3″
  • Bottom bracket height: 12″ 
  • Frame height: 8″

curtis cruiser side view 2 Disc brakes on cruiser frames are still a bit of a rarity…and people seem to be a bit divided on whether or not they are the way to go…but I’m kinda digging it here.

Nice job by Curtis Bikes!

(Photos: Curtis Bikes)