Austin Texas picture show

16 05 2013

After hearing so many good things about Austin, Texas I finally made a trip out there to check it out for myself.

I was a little worried that my expectations were too high but it turns out that Austin really is a great place if you’re into BMX…and cruisers in particular.

Austin teeActually, Austin is a great place if you’re into bikes of any kind.

Unlike a lot of cities, Austin seems to go out of its way to promote bicycling. People bike everywhere and bike racks are plentiful….I don’t think I have ever seen bike racks set up in front of a bar before but in Austin that’s commonplace.

Bicycle friendlyBut as a BMXer, I was kinda blown away by how much BMX is part of the everyday fabric there.

Walking by a women’s clothing store downtown there was an immaculate old school Skyway T/A just sitting in the window as part of the display.

Skyway in windowGo down to the 6th st., a bar and restaurant area,  and you’ll see tricked-out 24s, like this Liquid, just locked up outside the restaurants.

Liquid on 6th street

Heck, you’ll even see cruisers hanging from the ceiling in some bars. Check this out:

Cruisers in the barHop on one of the city buses and you’re likely to see a cruiser sitting on the bike rack.

SE on busAnd you would you believe that a local brewer has come out with a cruiser-themed beer? Yes, it’s true. In Austin you can  pick up a Firemans 4.

Firemans 4 can

A beer that was made to honor Austin’s own, Firemans Texas Cruiser bikes.

Firemans Texas CruzerAdd in great places to ride, like the 9th street trails

9th street…and Walnut Creek

Buddy Walnut Creekand pair that with friendly, laid-back locals, it’s hard to go wrong.

Buddy (pictured above), not only shredded everything in sight at Walnut Creek but was also kind enough to let me borrow a bike and drive me out to the trails. Thanks man!

(I wish I could’ve captured a better shot of his riding but rest assured Buddy was taking care of business at Walnut Creek.)

If that weren’t enough, Austin’s live music scene is off the charts, not only is Austin home to multiple music festivals, but it’s also home to a record number of live music venues. Just walking around town you’re bound to find a musician or band that blows you away….it happened to me more than once on this trip.

FairdaleAnd the food!

Austin is well-known for its food trucks, BBQ, tacos (which you can eat for every meal of the day)…you name it…you will find something that strikes your fancy here.

Salt Lick and Firemans 4

Do I need to say more?

Frankly, I’m just trying to figure out when I can go back.




20 responses

16 05 2013

From a native Austinite and cruzer rider: You nailed it! Thanks for checking out our town!

16 05 2013

Thanks Eric. Austin is a great city!

16 05 2013

Glad you had a good time Ed.

16 05 2013

Thanks Buddy! We had such a good time it was hard for us to leave!

23 05 2013

i’ve heard austin was the cruiser capital of the US… this pretty much confirms it!!

24 05 2013

that’s awesome! i’m so glad you had a good time here. kinda hilarious that’s my Liquid outside The Liberty. I can’t remember if I took that pic and posted it ?? or maybe you took it and we were there at the same time !?

24 05 2013

I thought that bike looked familiar…We must have been there at the same time!

24 05 2013

wait . . . that’s not the Liberty, it was probably close to the Jackalope on 6th….

24 05 2013

It wasn’t The Liberty (although we there later in the week)…6th, near Jackalope sounds right.

29 05 2013
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3 06 2013

That skyway in the window. Yes please! Was there an asking price?

3 06 2013

No kidding! What a sweet ride…I think it was just a display . It was a women’s clothing store, that was (unfortunately) closed when we walked by.

7 06 2013
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