The Prophecy Scud 24 in action

16 01 2013

In December, we shared the news that Prophecy was planning on releasing a carbon 24.

Pictures were scarce, so we did not have much to go on beyond some basic specs and a picture of their 20″ model.

Thankfully over the weekend, FastlaneBMXMag managed to not only track down some pictures of the Prophecy Scud 24 prototype but a web edit of Trevor Stamford putting it through its paces at a BMX track.

As you can see, the Scud 24 is not going to weigh you down.


The prototype built up into a full-on race machine.

prophecy-scud-24 build

And the prototype in action.

What do you think? Would you race a  24″ carbon frame?




6 responses

16 01 2013

For us adults that can afford the frame, i saw the Top Tube is only 21.5″. Not enough room for us big guys. Needs to be at the smallest 21.75″ Top Tube with 22″ ideal for cruiser. My Redline Flight Pro 24″ is about as tight of a cockpit as guys 5’9″ can ride. Nice 2.8 pound weight though.

17 01 2013

at those prices count me out…

i’m much more interested in that flowy track!!

5 02 2013

Agree with Stefan. I’d go for a 22″ + TT. Sign me up if you come out with one. (6’1″ 220).

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