Hashtag #twofourtuesday

28 01 2014

I’m not sure if Bobby Parker started the hashtag #twofourtuesday but he has certainly been the most avid user of it.

Reppin’ the 24 like nobody’s business, Bobby has been spreading the word with #twofourtuesday and his own brand of big wheel ramping for some time now.

Today is no exception. Check out this shot of BP shredding the project loop ramp at Fun Fest 7. Radabonzical!

You do us proud Bobby. Respect.

Bobby Parker at Fun Fest 7




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29 01 2014
Old Tall Mike

Bobby reps the TwoFour like nobody’s business. Nothing but Beastmode when he’s on it. We have a few at the Full Factory office that are Bobby Influenced, and he is singlehandedly converting us all…

29 01 2014
Old Tall Mike

Reblogged this on regressionprocess and commented:
Bobby is a beast on the TwoFour. I’ll have some video and Images soon of Mine and somne of teh projects here in the Full Factory office.

16 02 2014

Nice, BP!

25 02 2014
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