Sneak Peek: 24″ Speedco carbon frame

4 03 2016

While the “carbon footprint” of 20″ race frames shows no signs of slowing down, people racing cruiser have had to sit along the sidelines for a long time waiting for their turn.

Granted, Prophecy BMX does (did?) offer a carbon 24 but most of the major race outfits have been slow to offer a big wheel option to riders.

If you’re one of those riders anxious to get on a carbon 24….well, you’re wait is about to come to an end.

Speedco BMX has announced that they’re working on a 24” version of their VELOX carbon frame.

Details are very preliminary at this point — hence the 3D rendering — but plans are to get these babies out to riders in the fall of this year, 2016.

Speedco VELOX carbon frame

Time to start saving your pennies.





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19 04 2016
Yess introduces belt drive cruiser | cruiser revolution

[…] to see the latest in BMX tech (like this and the 24″ carbon Speedco frame) making its way to the cruiser […]

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