Radness Reminder: 24s can fly

17 11 2020

It’s always good to get a gentle reminder.

Found this clip of @j1cam getting rad while I was going down an internet rabbit hole and was instantly stoked.

The height, the style….so good.

He’s bringing the heat on a 24″ Sunday Model C3 frame that he built up…why did Sunday drop them from the lineup?….they gotta bring those back!

And just for good measure, here’s a still photo of @j1cam getting inverted from the Sunday Bikes insta.

j1cam invert

That’s some radness right there….I wanna go ride now!

Jim C continues to kick out the jams

27 08 2018

When Jim Cielencki jumped back into the pool (so to speak) earlier this summer in regards to riding we were cautiously optimistic that we would see more of Jim back on the bike

We even joked what the over/under would be on new riding pics and video…but it seems like the old adage of “once a rider, always a rider” is holding true.

The proof?

Jim dropped some serious heat on his Instagram this past weekend…with a bunch of awesome riding pics and clips from WNY Jam.

From Jeff Harrington-style footplants:

To moto whips:

To spinning 3s:

To handplanting street spines.

Jim brought it.

Awesome to see the OG back at it again!


What’s the over/under on more Jim C pics?

19 06 2018

If you’re a betting man and you’re wagering that you’re going to see some more Jim Cielencki pool riding pics…you’re in luck!

Jim C’s “active retirement” continues with some over/under action with jon_bad !

According to Jim, “it took some mighty fine BMX choreography to get this to work.”

No doubt!

Here’s a few more pics from the session:

View this post on Instagram

under-over @jon_bad @jimcielencki #igersbuffalo #bmx

A post shared by Scott B (@scott_balzer) on

Scott Balzer is the man behind the camera for these shots.

Looks like a super fun session.

And peep this pic…a classic flattie! (Another good shot by Scott Balzer)

I’m pretty stoked on these pics.

Can a full-blown edit be far behind?

If Jim’s “retirement” continues at this pace, I wouldn’t be surprised!

First look: 2018 Sunday Model C

2 06 2017

Sunday Bikes just released a preview of their 2018 lineup…and with eager anticipation I scrolled through the slideshow to have a look at the latest iteration of the 24″ Model C.

New for this year is all black colorway (with the exception of the bars and cranks which are chrome).

It’s almost the ying to the yang (or is vice versa?) of last year’s colorway: chrome with black bars and cranks).

Other than the new colorway, the Model C is pretty much steady as she goes in terms of components and setup.

The highlights are:

  • Sunday Lightning rims
  • Sunday sealed hubs
  • Odyssey Springfield brakes
  • Odyssey Twisted PC pedals
  • Sunday Tripod Seat
  • Sunday Freeze stem
  • Sunday Pursuit tires

Like last year, the frame is not full chromoly (chromoly downtube and headtube only)…but still reasonably durable and well-spec’d for the pricepoint.

For the rest of the deets, click on over to the Sunday site.

Sneak Peek: 2017 Sunday Model C

23 06 2016

Sunday dropped the details of their 2017 complete bikes yesterday and the bike near and dear to our hearts, the  Model C, is still making its presence felt in the lineup.

New for this year is a chrome(!) frame to add a little shine to the proceedings.

2017 Sunday Model C

Other highlights include:

  • Sunday Lightning rims
  • Sunday sealed hubs
  • Odyssey Springfield brakes
  • Odyssey Twisted PC pedals
  • Sunday Tripod Seat
  • Sunday Freeze stem
  • Sunday OEM Pursuit tires*

*Which appear to be the new version of the tire formerly known as the “Chase Hawk tire”.

The frame is not full chromoly (chromoly downtube and headtube only)….but if previous model years are any indication, this bike is still very durable. And at a $429 US pricepoint, a great deal.

Peep all the rest of the particulars over at the Sunday site.

(Pic: Sunday Bikes)

Jim Cielencki’s new jam

28 03 2016

Jim Cielencki, one of the BMX world’s most creative and influential riders has been keeping a bit of a low profile since saying “see ya” to Sunday Bikes (back in 2014).

Of course, his legacy in 24″ BMX lives on in the ground-breaking Sunday Model-C and the progressive 24″ riding he helped champion.

Jim was always out there seeing what was possible.

Now, Jim’s taking that same sort of thinking to his current passion, running.

Rather than run the same training route everyday, Jim has taken it upon himself to run every street in Buffalo, NY.

Not only that, he’s documenting all  the cool things he encounters along the way in an addictive (to me anyway) Instagram account called  Mile by Mile: Buffalo.

It’s pretty cool to see Jim’s creative instinct being expressed in an entirely new way.

Bonus info: It’s Jim’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Jim!




Chance Garrison blitzes park on a 24″

10 02 2016

Chance Garrison absolutely shreds the park in this edit (originally posted in 2014).

The best part?

The majority of the time he’s riding a Sunday Wave C!

Chance Garrison park blitz Sunday Wave C

He seems pretty hyped on 24″ riding too.

In the video description, he writes:

New park mix with lots of Sunday Model C riding! If you’ve never ridden one of the 24″ beasts you should try to get your hands on one!

Sounds like Chance is down with the big wheels!


Sneak Peek: 2016 Sunday Model C

10 07 2015

Sunday Bikes just dropped a preview of their 2016 Bikes.

The 24″ Model C is still in the lineup and it looks like they have souped it up a little for the new model year.

The first thing that catches your eye is the frame…a rawed out, clear coat version of their flagship 24″ complete.

Also notable on this complete?

The much buzzed about 24″ Chase Hawk tires.

Yes, my friends they come standard on the 2016 Model C!


According to Sunday, “updated and detailed bike pages [will be] up soon”…so watch for details on the complete spec breakdown in the next week or so.

Sunday dealers will also have the new lineup in stores in the next couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

(Pic credit: Sunday Bikes)

Some new stuff from Sunday

17 09 2014

Sunday Bikes, no surprise, had the 2015 Model-C complete on display at Interbike.

But that was just the starting point of the 24″ goodness. The Sunday folks also had a couple of other things up their sleeves.

model c complete interbike

One of the new items is the Sunday Model C aftermarket frame.

model c frame interbike

This frame is a full cro-mo version of the frame on the complete, and will be offered at a more affordable pricepoint  than the Wave-C frame.  A blue frame was on display but I think black will also be available. (It looks like the top tube will be 22″.)

Another notable is the 24″ Sunday Octave fork.  The Sunday folks said this fork is a lighter and stronger (not to mention streamlined) version of their popular Sunday Morning 24.1 fork.  Looks pretty dialed.

sunday octave fork 2

Nice to see Sunday continuing to support the 24″ scene with new products.


Watch for more Interbike coverage in upcoming posts.


Sneak Peek: 2015 Sunday Model C AM Plus

3 06 2014

Sunday Bikes put out an early look at their 2015 lineup of completes this week.

The 24″ that made such an impact to the cruiser world when it was introduced (so many years ago), the Model C, is still in the lineup.

2015 Sunday model-c

Listed as the Model C AM Plus now, it hasn’t departed too much from last year’s model, with the exception of a new look for 2015.  There’s a lot more chrome this time around, including chrome handlebars and forks.

2015 sunday model-c-closeups

Here’s some of the key specs:

FRAME: 22″ TT, Chromoly Down Tube and Head Tube
FORK: 24″ Fork w/ 2PC Chromoly Steerer Tube and Dropouts
HANDLEBAR: 24UMPH XL Replica 7.75″ x 28″, 12° Back, 4° Up
STEM: Sunday Freeze Top-Load Stem 52mm
BRAKES: Odyssey Springfield
GRIPS: Odyssey Gary Young Signature
SEAT/SEAT POST: Sunday Tripod
SPROCKET: Sunday , 25T, Steel
CRANKS: 175mm, 3-piece, Chromoly
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC
RIMS: Sunday Lightning Rim 36H
FRONT HUB: Sunday, Sealed, 36H, Female 3/8″ Axle
REAR HUB: Sunday, Sealed, 36H, 10T
TIRES: Innova 24 x 2.125″ (F & R)