What would you like to see at Interbike?

17 09 2010

Interbike, the tradeshow for all things bike related is almost here.

Manufacturers are going to be debuting their new lines and the latest and greatest in components.

While  many companies have already leaked most of the details of their new lines, there’s always a thing or two (or more) that shows up that gets people attention.

It got me to thinking…what would I like to see?

Here are some ideas:

  • taller aftermarket cruiser bars (most companies are still offering bar with sub 6″ rise)
  • more color choices from 24″ wheel manufacturers
  • chro-mo complete  24″ race bike

Granted, I’ve mentioned most of these in previous blog posts but they’re simple things that I think would do really well.

What would you like to see at Interbike this year?




11 responses

17 09 2010

More tires in 24″ size… Lighter, more specific, based on same technology than 20″ tire (kevlar bead, thin wall, front and rear design)

17 09 2010

would it kill someone to put some brake mounts on an aftermarket 24″ fork?

18 09 2010

+1 on the front brakes forks.

18 09 2010

More 22 inch wheeled bikes
2 on the forks and brakes

18 09 2010

1.) The Sunday front brake forks.
2.) More 24s with 20″ geo to choose from
3.) New super light park models for the little guys in 16″ & 18″ like the Mirraco Projects.

18 09 2010


funny poster by the way.

18 09 2010

Yea funny….my six year old is asking me all kinds of questions over it.

Had no idea I had to make sure the room was clear before I logged on to CR.


19 09 2010

That photo rules!

19 09 2010

As far as bars go, the 7.5″ bmx bars from a couple years ago, work well with the “new” cruiser geometry. And they are on sale. Eastern has the 7.5″ wonder years bars and they are new and colorful.

21 09 2010

I’d like to see Aaron Ross take a few runs on a Model-C at the Interbike rail jam!

10 10 2010

I’d like to see 24″ flybikes cobra tubes!

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