Try out the Model-C at Ray’s MTB

10 04 2010

As if you need any more incentive to head to Ray’s MTB…now Sunday Bikes has a Model-C DEMO bike for you to try while you’re there.

A great idea on Sunday’s part and one I hope they extend to Joyride 150 as well.

In other Sunday news, their second shipment of Sunday completes has come in. If you missed your chance to pick up the Model-C complete last time, better get to your local shop pronto.

Vince Smith can-can on Model-C DEMO bike at Ray’s MTB (Korey Kryder pic from the Sunday site).




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12 04 2010

I guess i have to try one to see what the hype is all about.

12 04 2010

I couldn’t wait in the completes so I bought a Fit CR24 and then added the Sunday bars. The model c has a .5 steeper head tube but the CR24 has a .25 shorter chain stay. I have the CR24 down to 24 lbs where the model c complete weighs in at over 28lbs. . I am sure you could get the weight down on the Sunday by adding some lighter parts but I think eh frame is heavier than one they sell by itself which is odd.

Hate to sound like a weight weenie (used to rider a 34 lbs 20″ in the early mid school days) but my race cruiser weighs 19lbs so it is a hard transition.

With the bar change I don’t think there is a major difference between the two from a geo perspective. Would be fun to have a custom made at some point.

Having said all that (man that was allot)…I might rent one at Ray’s anyway just to avoid taking the bike on the plane.

13 04 2010

All good points but…your race cruiser is 19lbs?…That almost seems too light.

13 04 2010

that actually sounds way too light. Is it a JR? lol. Mine is probably close to 30 lbs. And i customized it to make it lighter.

13 04 2010

It would be cool to be able to see what everybody rides. I love showin pics of my hellcat24.

13 04 2010

It’s a Formula XXL with carbon forks, titanium spindle profiles, paul brakes, bombshell wheels with dth tires and a ton of other profile stuff. It’s almost 20lbs but I wouldn’t say it is too light for a race bike. I stay fairly low to the ground on it as those answer carbon forks make me nervous I don’t care what they say.
I think I may switch them out for race S&Ms as they only weigh a little more.

30lbs? That’s a beast.

13 04 2010

it was much heavier when i got it stock. I still have the stock 14mm forks on it and they look heavy as hell. I want to get some sinz or s&m chromoly forks to lighten up the front end but i don’t want to throw the balance off on it. If you’ve seen the old hellcat frames then you know how beefy it is.

15 04 2010

I would say switch them carbon forks to something cr-mo…especially if they’re making you nervous! Supercross and DK forks are pretty light (and S&M is always a solid choice)…it’ll give you the confidence to catch some air on your race bike. Staying low to the ground on your bike is no way to live…

7 09 2010
Try out a Model-C at Joyride 150 « cruiser revolution

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