Sunday showcases 24s at Interbike

24 09 2010

With Interbike in full swing,  video clips  of all the new product lines are coming fast and furious from all the major BMX sites covering the event.  Not surprisingly, most bike companies are highlighting their 20″ offerings in these clips and leaving out the 24s in their lineup.

Sunday, on the other hand, takes a decidedly different route and leads off their video clip with a look at their new 24s.  Say what you will about Sunday, this is just another example of the level of support and innovation they’re bringing to the 24′ cruiser scene.

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Sunday 24s at Interbike 2010, posted with vodpod

Contrast that with We the People, who despite having a relatively long history of making great 24″ BMX bikes, do very little to promote them or grow the market.  Checking out Vital BMX’s video of the WTP booth, you would never guess that they have one of the better 24s available. Seems crazy to not even mention it….especially given all the attention that Sunday has brought to the 24″ scene.

Is a Model-C with wave tubing next?

24 06 2010

I’m not sure how I missed this when it came out but has a great interview with Jim Cielencki of Sunday Bikes on their site.

When asked about how Sunday has evolved over time he mentioned how 24s have impacted the company in a positive way:

The 24″ stuff has been an interesting surprise.  Bikes are at an interesting time.  It really seems like the definition of track bikes, MTB and BMX is becoming less clear. You are starting to see MTB and track bikes coming towards BMX with its tricks, style and use of BMX parts.  The 24″ has been great because it allows older and bigger guys to ride BMX without having to think they should be on a MTB.

What really got my attention though, is what Jim said what he was riding. In addition to a Third Wave 20″, he’s also riding a 24:

The 24″ is a Wave C prototype with front brakes.  My bike is so good right now.

Whoa…now that would be cool if it went into production. Wave tubing.

Fingers crossed the Wave C shows up at Interbike.

Maybe you’re just a renegade…

26 11 2009

I came across this article on BMX cruisers in Oregon Cycling awhile back and I think it really captures why cruisers are so fun and why more and more people are getting into 24″ bikes.

The writer, Tom Baldinger, talking about his “secret agenda”:

My agenda is naturally, more cruiser riders on the streets, the race tracks, the skate parks, etc! I love to see other people on them, because I know what fun they are!

Why to get a 24″ instead of another type of bike:

If your budget is limited, and you are looking for a bike that is easy to maintain, can be ridden hard, and will provide more entertainment than should be legal, I would highly suggest a 24-inch wheel BMX cruiser.

How a bicycle is more than just “transportation”:

…if a bike ride is more to you than a utilitarian passage from point A to point B, if you are prone to explore alleys, jump off curbs or look for embankments, cruisers are a great option.

And finally, because (and I think this is a little tongue-in-cheek) riding a cruiser makes you a bit of a renegade:

Perhaps the best reason to ride a cruiser is the renegade factor. Mountain bikers chuckle, 20-inch wheel BMX riders scoff, road bikers are bewildered. Cruisers have a kitsch factor that’s hard to beat, they are super practical. Try one out, you’ll be surprised at the amount of saddle time it sees and I guarantee the ride will put a smile on your face.

Here’s hoping that 2010 will see even more renegades giving cruisers a try….

Up, Up and Away premiere was fun

19 05 2009

Checked out the Sunday Up, Up and Away premiere last Friday at Core…for a fairly small place they really managed to pack in a lot of people for the event. The vibe was pretty chill and everyone seemed pretty eager to see the new vid. I have to say I’m pretty stoked on it. Standouts for me have to be the Aaron Ross section, and of course, all  the great footage of Jim C. on the Model-C.     24″ bikes finally get their due in a progressive BMX video!

Up, Up and Away Core flyer

If you didn’t get a chance to attend one of the premieres, you owe it to yourself to track down a copy and check it out. From start to finish, it’s non-stop awesome riding…this is definitely one of the best videos out there right now.