Try out a Model-C at Joyride 150

7 09 2010

It looks like Ray’s MTB isn’t the only bike park where you can rent/try out the Sunday Model-C.

Sunday just announced that Joyride 150 (just outside of Toronto, Ontario) has added a Model-C to their rental fleet.

This is great news, not only because it’s sure to get more riders hooked on 24″ BMX, but  it also gives me even more of reason to visit Joyride 150. Even if I don’t have my bike with me, I can stop in for a session on a 24″!

For more on Joyride 150, check out this video of Drew Bezanson tearing up the place.




4 responses

7 09 2010

No Model C’s at Rays MTB anymore…:( when they got bought out by Trek they had to get rid of any complete bike that wasnt a Mirraco, Trek or Fischer. kinda bummed because that was my favorite thing about Rays, the fact that they had soooo many different SS 24″ and 26″ bikes to test out. Black markets, superco’s….it was awesome to try out all of the different geometries from all of the different jumping styles of bikes. But now you are stuck with whatever Trek provides as opposed to the stuff that people requested to ride there. Kinda bummed on the “sell out,” if you will. But the times, they are a changin, I guess.

7 09 2010

That’s too bad about Rays…Still…pretty stoked on the Joyride news…hope it will mean a few more 24″ converts…

8 09 2010

hey… i’ve heard about these sunday model-c’s!

9 09 2010

Well on the plus side of Trek buying out Ray’s, it guarantees the new park in Milwaukee to open and there is a lot of serious talk about building one on the east coast. More specifically Ct has been swirling around the rumor mill for awhile now.

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