Little ripper shows what fun is all about

16 08 2010

Whether you’re 7 or 47*, nothing quite matches the pure fun of riding your bike.

Whether it’s street, dirt, park or racing 7-year old Finn Finestone is not missing out on any of it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Finn lil ripper, posted with vodpod
*I know some of you are older than 47, it’s just that you have such a youthful glow that I forget.



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17 08 2010
Hoka Hey

Cool clip, but I swear there was some Sunday Model C stuff right here a bit ago;)

17 08 2010

Love it….

Working on my own edit with my 6 & 8 year old. Just got back from a session at Vans with them. Nothing is better than watching them as they get that feeling we had when we first started.

On the way home I asked if they wanted to sign up for baseball this fall.
(Never want to be accused of being Tiger Woods dad.)
The resounding no from the back seat was very telling. These guys have BMX in their blood.

19 08 2010


17 08 2010

Yeah there was!

19 08 2010

Update coming soon!

18 08 2010

It’s Adventure Time!

26 08 2010

looks like a well rounded rider… hope it stays fun for him!!

5 09 2010

Yep, it is all fun for this guy, he is not just a one trick pony either, he skateboards, snowboards, skis, surfs and climbs anything put in front of him. He is always stoked and passes the vibe on to people around him – the kid has a gift.

14 09 2010

that kid rules!!

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