Sunday showcases 24s at Interbike

24 09 2010

With Interbike in full swing,  video clips  of all the new product lines are coming fast and furious from all the major BMX sites covering the event.  Not surprisingly, most bike companies are highlighting their 20″ offerings in these clips and leaving out the 24s in their lineup.

Sunday, on the other hand, takes a decidedly different route and leads off their video clip with a look at their new 24s.  Say what you will about Sunday, this is just another example of the level of support and innovation they’re bringing to the 24′ cruiser scene.

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Sunday 24s at Interbike 2010, posted with vodpod

Contrast that with We the People, who despite having a relatively long history of making great 24″ BMX bikes, do very little to promote them or grow the market.  Checking out Vital BMX’s video of the WTP booth, you would never guess that they have one of the better 24s available. Seems crazy to not even mention it….especially given all the attention that Sunday has brought to the 24″ scene.

Sunday Model-C complete at interbike

25 09 2009

I’ve been geeking out for the past day or so over all the BMX coverage from interbike.  There’s way too much to cover in a single post but suffice it to say there is a lot of stuff to check out (check out Vital BMX or bmxfeed for the full scoop).

Some notables: Sunday debuted their new Model-C complete bike that will be available in the spring. And Odyssey has a bunch of new parts, including some cool-looking red, white and black HGS 24″ spokes to trick out your wheels.

interbike-2009-sunday-model-c complete

Another interesting thing to come out of interbike…Macneil is switching to 7/8″ (22.2 mm) seat tubes on their bikes. For those of you that started riding after the mid 90s, that means a change back to the size that used to be standard on most BMX bikes.  I guess that sort of thing is inevitable with more and more companies going to smaller tubing and so many people running their seats slammed. As someone that still runs a bit of seatpost I’m not sure if I’m all that stoked on this latest development. Of course, Russ at SPRFLS has a lot more to say on this.