A side order of fun: the 24″ sidehack

9 09 2010

Take a 24″ cruiser, a spare wheel, some scrap metal and a razor scooter…weld them together..what do you get?

An old school sidehack.

Looks like the Finestones, Brian and son Finn, know how to have a good time.

Check out this video: to see the Finestone’s sidehack project in action.




4 responses

9 09 2010

Love the kid’s expression!
I want him to make me one!!

9 09 2010


9 09 2010

hacks are so much freakin’ fun they should be illegal… wait what am i sayin’!

at santa maria BMX in CA a dad there built a bunch of them- impromptu racing and riding accompanied by non-stop ear to ear grins is the result.

it’s stuff like this that makes me want my own garage… sigh.

10 09 2010
Jon Faure

The fun that father and son were having looked incredible. That kids never going to forget those times with his dad.

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