Free to do what you want to do

3 09 2010

Hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is already here.

Time to make the most of it.

Hope you can find some free time this weekend to do what you want to do.

To ride.

And have a good time.

(This clip always makes me think of Kevin Jones in the classic Wheelies video.)


Kevin Jones rode a 24″ at the York Jam

2 07 2010

Flatland legend Kevin Jones showed up at the York Jam last weekend riding a Sunday Model C! Easily the most influential flatland rider of his era, the list of flatland tricks he invented is too long to recap here…needless to say, seeing him on a 24″ bike is pretty exciting.

Jim C has also got to be pretty pleased that Kevin is on a Model-C. Check out the Sunday Bikes site for a bigger version of the Eric Mitchell photo above.

For more 24″ flatland action, check out this post on Dan Sirkin flatlanding on his Model-C.