What would you like to see at Interbike?

17 09 2010

Interbike, the tradeshow for all things bike related is almost here.

Manufacturers are going to be debuting their new lines and the latest and greatest in components.

While  many companies have already leaked most of the details of their new lines, there’s always a thing or two (or more) that shows up that gets people attention.

It got me to thinking…what would I like to see?

Here are some ideas:

  • taller aftermarket cruiser bars (most companies are still offering bar with sub 6″ rise)
  • more color choices from 24″ wheel manufacturers
  • chro-mo complete  24″ race bike

Granted, I’ve mentioned most of these in previous blog posts but they’re simple things that I think would do really well.

What would you like to see at Interbike this year?

I like big bars, I can not lie…

23 11 2009

I had such big plans for this post’s headline yet all I can come up with is a weak Sir Mix-A-Lot reference.

My apologies and I will try harder next time.

S&M bikes is another company that has come to the rescue for riders that, like me, have wondered are my handlebars big enough?

News broke a couple of days ago that they were doing a limited run of 29″ wide cruiser bars.  That’s all the info I have right now. I can’t find any details on the S&M Bikes site, so you might want to give them a call or email if you’re interested.

Check ’em out in the picture below (…and yes, I’m as freaked out by his expression as you are).

What was behind this limited run of wide bars? I’d like to think it came to Chris Moeller when he was at the trails.

Perhaps mid-jump he yelled to his trusted assistant nearby, “I need cruiser bars this big” …and then stretched out a no-hander to demonstrate.*

* of course, this is all speculation on my part.