A side order of fun: the 24″ sidehack

9 09 2010

Take a 24″ cruiser, a spare wheel, some scrap metal and a razor scooter…weld them together..what do you get?

An old school sidehack.

Looks like the Finestones, Brian and son Finn, know how to have a good time.

Check out this video: to see the Finestone’s sidehack project in action.

…and now for the complete picture

25 02 2010

It’s here!

Probably the most widely (and wildly) anticipated 24″ complete has hit North America’s shores.

Sunday’s Model-C frame made waves in the 24/cruiser world last year… and now that it’s available as an affordable, well-spec’d  complete…well, let’s just say these things are going to go like hotcakes!

Most of the major mail order companies are in stock, so if you’ve been looking at picking one up, here’s your chance. Just don’t wait too long…trust me on that one.

(The Sunday Model-C complete as shown at Interbike.)

We the People 24s through the years

24 10 2009

Maybe I’m in a reflective mood today but I was thinking about We the People and how they’ve been putting out some great 24″ completes over the years.

2007 Unified

Their first 24″ bike (I think)…black with a grey fade paint job. It featured nods to the past, like a National Pro style frame gusset and looptail rear stays but the ride is every bit the modern cruiser.  I’m still riding one of these today (albeit with a few mods). Great bike.

WTP Unified 24 2007

2008 Unified

Similar to the 2007 model, WTP steps it up with gold components to give it even more of a classic old school feel. Essentially the same geometry. I really like the look of this bike (but I’m a sucker for gold components).

WTP unified 2008

2009 Avenue

Big departure from the classic black and gold look. The gusset is gone and it drops some weight. Geometry still pretty similar. Some compromises in parts–like steel bars–but still a lot of bike for the money.

WTP Avenue 2009

2010 Avenue

The bottom bracket gets raised, the bars get taller and the gold components return. WTP joins Sunday, Fit and others with updated geometry aimed at providing a 20″ freestyle feel to a 24″ bike.  This model may tempt a few people contemplating buying a Sunday Model-C complete (given that Sunday’s looking at a spring release).

we the people avenue 2010

Limited edition models

We the People has also done some  limited edition bikes for companies such as Carhartt. These are are really cool…lots of retro-styling combined with new school technology.

Carhartt Murder City Nights cruiser

pinky squeaks on a 24″ bike?

8 12 2008

Flatland freestyle on a 24″ cruiser…yes, it can be done. Flatland purists may argue that the video below isn’t the latest in modern-day flippity poppity tricks…but really..who cares….this myspace vid is great…who expects a guy on a cruiser to uncork some pinky squeaks or a fire hydrant?… just another example of how the  cruiser revolution is hitting all aspects of BMX.