WTF…FBM built a cruiser?

27 10 2009

Friends, a new day has come. Of all the hard-core BMX companies, FBM was the last one I thought would put out a cruiser frame.

I thought they followed the “20 inch till we die” bmx ethos.

Apparently I was wrong.

Maybe building fixies has opened their eyes to the possibilities of big wheeled bikes?

Who knows? I’m just stoked that FBM has built a cruiser!

FBM cruiser

Check out the specs…this is a big frame!

Head Tube: 72 degrees
Seat Tube: 71 degrees
Top Tube: 23.5″
Chain Stay: 15.5″
BB Height: 12″

According to the FBM site, more 24″ news is on the way…if it’s a complete, I might just lose it.

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6 responses

27 10 2009

with that geo, i bet they were tempted to make it a 26″ bmx. (see the old school pics of the KOS).

27 10 2009

With those dimensions, you kinda wonder what the person ordering it had in mind (FBM posted a note today that it was a custom, not production build).

Cool, nonetheless.

On a sidenote: if you’ve read the comments in the last couple posts, you’ll know that a cruiserrevolution reader/commenter has a custom cruiser frame in the works as well.
Looking forward to how that turns out…

28 10 2009

We’ve got more cruisers coming down the pike, Dave is finish welding a custom one today…with an American BB and crazy geo. Kelly Baker raced cruisers a bunch in the 80s.

28 10 2009


Any plans on adding a cruiser frame to your regular lineup?

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