Todd Lyons: keeping SE Bikes cool

19 11 2009

With Todd Lyons leading the charge,  SE Bikes has managed to bridge the distance between old school and new school…offering bikes that appeal to the rider looking to relive his youth to the young rider just getting into BMX.  They’ve also hooked up with some cool companies to put out limited-edition bikes that are definitely some of the coolest looking bikes out there.

You’d think that with so much on his plate as SE’s brand manager (and so many years in the sport), the guy would become jaded or burnt out. But that’s not the case. When you take a look at his posts and his riding shots, you can tell he feels like a kid in a candy store…because he might just have the best job in BMX.




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18 12 2009
Todd Lyons gets some Props « SE Bikes’s Weblog

[…] did a quick write up on Todd. These guys are all about big wheeled BMX bikes and they recognize that the Wildman knows how to […]

17 01 2010
Showing some skin in Utah « cruiser revolution

[…] of this retro-cool skinwall magic. Glen tells me that the tires are actually 1.95 Kenda K-rads that SE Bikes had made for their retro cruisers. You can order them through  I  linked to […]

28 05 2010
Joe from San Diego

He was on the 4130 subway series ride (Hollywood to downtown LA) riding a SE 100 dollar wrap 26″ with a matching jacket. He was riding manuals for 20 city blocks.
Check out the fresh threads :). @

We ride the 2nd Sat of every month with info on the site. BMX (20,24,26) only.. no fixies no derailers!

28 05 2010
Joe from San Diego

I forgot to say.. Last month we had 270+ BMXers show up and this mont we expect to see well over 300 so PLEASE get me a price for a few hundred stickers so we cann put you up all over L.A.

Keep up the gerat work on the blog!!

2 06 2010

Hey Joe,

The 4130 Subway Series sounds like a blast! As far as stickers go, I’m running a bit low at the moment but appreciate the offer of stickering L.A.!

Thanks for the kind words about the blog.


5 07 2010
The ride’s the thing « cruiser revolution

[…] in the U.S., it has attracted some big numbers during past outings, including heavy hitters like Todd Lyons, Greg Hill and Stu […]

12 07 2011
Tested: 2011 SE Floval Flyer « cruiser revolution

[…] with high hopes, I contacted SE with my plan. Thankfully they were onside. With the assistance of Todd Lyons and Brett Downs I was able to get a hold of a Floval Flyer to […]

5 08 2011
SE offers a sneak peek of 2012 « cruiser revolution

[…] case you missed it, Todd Lyons started a thread on BMXMuseum offering sneak peaks of SE’s 2012 line. I have to tell you, […]

29 06 2013
SE Big Ripper: not just for cruisin’ | cruiser revolution

[…] it looks like Todd Lyons might have some other ideas about […]

14 08 2013
The SE PK Ripper gets supersized | cruiser revolution

[…] Todd Lyons has been busy. […]

10 07 2014
Big Ripper getting a big-time launch party | cruiser revolution

[…] limited edition tees (only available at the event) and a bike giveaway. I’m sure The Wildman, Todd Lyons, will also be in the house which should also liven up […]

6 02 2015
SE bikes has gotten fat | cruiser revolution

[…] Todd Lyons at SE Bikes has been dropping sneak peeks over the last day or so hyping up a very interesting version of the iconic PK Ripper. […]

26 10 2015
Letting the freak flag fly on the Fat Ripper | cruiser revolution

[…] Todd Lyons seems to have anticipated that question and has been pretty tireless with dropping pictures and clips of him riding this beast. […]

5 02 2016
Remembering Dave Mirra | cruiser revolution

[…] missing a beat, he grabbed Todd Lyon‘s bike (his then team-mate) and proceeded to uncork a huge flair/flip […]

5 04 2016
Scoping out the SE STR-29 | cruiser revolution

[…] Todd Lyons had been dropping hints leading up to the Spring Fling in Florida (that happened this past weekend). […]

26 05 2016
When worlds collide | cruiser revolution

[…] job of promoting its 26″ Fat Ripper. They’ve even gone so far as to drop an edit of Todd Lyons — letting his freak flag fly — riding one  in a wild web […]

30 06 2016
Gary Turner unveils 29″ cruiser | cruiser revolution

[…] Todd Lyons has shown you can get rad in the dirt on a 29er. […]

14 07 2016
The righteousness of the Philly rideout | cruiser revolution

[…] Todd Lyons hit up Philly to find out what all the hype was about regarding the “Bike Life” movement and the Philly rideout in particular. […]

25 08 2016
Freaking out over the Floval Flyer Looptail | cruiser revolution

[…] (I would be remiss If I didn’t also note the nice, roomy 22″ top tube of the Floval Flyer Looptail…if only the Elite Series Floval Flyer came in a version this long…maybe next year Todd Lyons?) […]

30 09 2016
Meeting up and catching up | cruiser revolution

[…] the 14-version of myself had returned to take over my brain. In the booth alongside SE’s Todd Lyons, were 80s mega-stars: Mike Buff and Stu […]

3 04 2017
Spring Fling Sneak Peeks | cruiser revolution

[…] bikes‘ Todd Lyons brought a bunch of cruisers from their yet-to-be-released lineup and he wasn’t shy about […]

5 05 2017
Wall Street Journal writes piece on wheelies | cruiser revolution

[…] SE Big Rippers and rrdblocks get a lot of play, as well as some commentary from Todd Lyons. […]

3 06 2019
Is FitBikeCo tripping? | cruiser revolution

[…] yes, if you think they’re trolling SE and Todd Lyons a bit here….well, I can’t speak for FitBikeCo, but signs point to yes, that seems to be […]

27 05 2020
Covid Cruisers from S&M Bikes | cruiser revolution

[…] that just seemed like they were jumping on a gap in the market (or a chance to have some fun with Todd Lyons) vs. some deep-seated desire to get into this wheel size. I guess times […]

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