Liquid frames aren’t just for the trails

11 08 2010

To date most of the pictures and webclips featuring Liquid Bikes have been pretty trails-oriented.

Made me kind of curious to see how it would handle in the street and in skateparks.

I guess I can stop wondering.

CMC from Austin shows that, with a couple of pegs thrown on, the Liquid Feedback becomes a capable street/park machine. (Photos originally posted on

Check out the guy on the 20″ craning his neck to get a look.

Yes my friend, things really are more fun on a 24.

A nice fall day = trails

10 11 2009

When you get an unseasonably warm day in the fall, I don’t think there’s a rider out there that doesn’t immediately think, “I have to go ride.”  This past weekend seemed more like summer than fall and the local trails were packed with people taking advantage of the weather. People were in a good mood…maybe feeling like Mother Nature was making amends for the rainy summer we had. The vibe was mellow and the smiles came easy…but I guess that’s what a little sunshine can do for you.

Jon Faure big jumps

(Pic: Jon Faure)

Jon Faure probably doesn’t have to worry too much about squeezing as much riding as he can in before winter hits (he lives in California) but does that really matter? Everyone loves a good jumping picture, right? This one’s from