The story of Stompin’ Stu Thomsen

6 11 2009

“He was like a god.”

former Pro BMX racer Ronnie Anderson

Finally had a chance to see Stompin’ Stu, The Story of BMX Legend Stu Thomsen DVD last night and I have to say I’m stoked. I got into BMX back in ’80s when the the rivalry between Stu and Greg Hill was at its peak. BMX racing was huge at the time and Stu was larger than life.

But he was more than an awesome racer…he was a great dirt jumper that also rode skatepark sections that intimidated people like Bob Haro.

The DVD lets you relive some of the epic battles he had on the track and also see how he battled and overcame prostate cancer. This is guy that can still turn up at the NBL Grand Nationals and kick ass in the 50-54 cruiser class. And this is not some low-to-the ground racer, Stu still likes to jump!

Stompin Stu NBL Grands


You should totally check out this DVD.

The extras with Linn Kastan (founder of Redline Bicycles) talking about how parts were developed are the icing on the cake.




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7 11 2009

yes a great DVD… the extras are pretty meaty and you got guys like dennis “the red baron” dain talking about stu riding skateparks ( with footage) well before freestyle exploded.

stu is a pretty down to earth guy, and loves cycling of all types. if you see him at the races don’t be shy and chat the bro up!

11 11 2009

I have to agree the extras are great on this DVD! I was like a kid in a candy store clicking through each one.

It’s also great to see how down to earth he is…just a guy that loves bikes and racing.

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7 02 2010

I have watched that dvd over & over. Stu was my hero as a kid & I still hold mad respect for the man today.

24 02 2012
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13 09 2016

I’ve been looking for this for the last few years. Where did you get it?

13 09 2016

I ordered it online when it first came out…can’t remember the source of the top of my head though

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