Are my handlebars big enough?

26 06 2009

Like most men, I wonder if my handlebars are big enough…are they wide enough to provide maximum riding pleasure? Are they tall enough to attract attention from the ladies? It’s been something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately…I thought these might be the answer but I wasn’t sure. Now I see that even those might not be enough. Paul de Groot’s recent Sunday Model-C bike check is making me realize what I thought was big…really isn’t that big at all. Paul has gone ahead and slapped some Solid Roseanne Bars on his bike…we’re talking a 9″ rise and 32″ wide. I try to console myself and say that handlebar size doesn’t matter…but late at night…I wonder if that’s really true.

Paul de Groot's Model-C

Paul de Groot's Model-C




3 responses

27 06 2009
Old School Raleigh

I wonder this all the time…and if my bike is too old to perform for the ladies.

23 11 2009
I like big bars, I can not lie… « cruiser revolution

[…] S&M bikes is another company that has come to the rescue for riders that, like me, have wondered are my handlebars big enough? […]

4 08 2010
SE heads into 2011 with classic style « cruiser revolution

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