Is this going to be you at 45?

27 10 2009

Talk about inspiring! Sunday Bikes posted an interview today with 45 year-old rider Jon Faure and his experiences with the Model-C.  This guy kicks ass! What’s even better is he gets to share his love of riding with his son. If you’re a rider getting on in years, I think you’ll be pretty stoked when you read this.

Jon Faure dirt Model C




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29 10 2009

Yes it will

1 11 2009
Jon Faure

Found this site when it was linked to the interview Jim from Sunday did with me. It sure would be great if there was a cruiser revolution! So few ride them but many would benifit if they did. I am so glad Jim put the thought into the geometry the way he did. The comfort I have on this bike is something I have never experienced before. So far the 20 inchers that I have let ride my bike are all amazed on how well it rides. If there was a bike that could start a revolution, it would be this one!

Thanks for creating this site, I will check back on it often!

3 11 2009

Thanks Jon!

Great interview! I think you’ve inspired a lot of people with your thoughts on riding and 24s.

Keep shredding!

3 11 2009
Tom Z

I’m so glad I found this site.

I’ve never been able to shake my love for BMX.
And now it looks like Sunday may have found a fountain of youth for all of us who never really chained up our bike in our hearts.

Bravo Jon and Jim.

(OK, maybe not “thee” fountain of youth….but close 😉

10 11 2009
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2 03 2010

41 and still tearing it up. Glad to see it’s not just me. Viva La Revolution!!!

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