Sneak Peek: SE 24″ Quadangle Freestyle

5 06 2014

SE Bikes has been busy over the last day or so dropping teaser/sneak peek photos of some of their upcoming 2015 lineup.

One bike, in particular, is creating a lot of buzz…the new 24″ Quadangle Freestyle.

Sporting classic Oakley B-1B grips, front brakes, detangler, 80s-style white tires…this bike will pull at the heart strings of any old school BMX fan.

SE Freestyle Quad 24 handlebarKeeping the bike era-correct, SE dispenses with the standard Landing Gear forks and has opted for…wait for it… Standing Gear forks (with the built-in platforms).

SE Freestyle Quad 24 standing gear

And if you’re going to go to the trouble of putting on Standing Gear forks, you gotta go with the frame platforms too, right?

SE doesn’t disappoint.

SE Freestyle Quad 24 rear triangleBoom!

Here’s a close-up of the frame’s standing platforms.

SE Freestyle Quad 24 standing platform

You might recall that Rockabilly Jay whipped up a sweet custom SE Quadangle cruiser back in 2009.  That was impressive.

But this takes the whole retro revival thing to a new level.

Granted, it looks like a top-tube platform was not included…which is a bit of a misstep…bikes of the era (that this bike is supposed to emulate) almost always had top tube platforms.

Other than that though, the attention to detail…Oakley B-1B grips, Standing Gear…you name it….Todd Lyons and the SE crew get full points for going the extra mile on this one…this is one cool bike.





7 responses

5 06 2014
Brian Reed

It’s about as dead on as it gets. The OG Quad freestyler didn’t have a frame platform, but I seem to remember a bolt on one being available. Regardless, I gotta go get a 2nd job now ’cause I have to have this.

6 06 2014

Now that you mention it…I do remember a bolt-on frame platform! Wonder if that’s going to be available separately…

7 06 2014

The rear triangle looks new school. Short chainstays and high bb.

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