Buddy busts out on his Beelzebike

31 10 2012

Buddy Sardenga’s custom Beelzebike the 20 666 ‘er turned a lot of heads last week with it’s ready-to-rip geometry and cool looks.

Good looks aside, I think you (and I) want to see this whip in action.

Thankfully, Buddy was kind enough to send some pics along of him putting the Beelzebike through its paces at the Allied Compound in Manor, Texas.

Check out this great shot of Buddy sailing over the first jump at the Allied Compound.

Or this clicked X-up.

And this is probably my fave, sweet table over the hip.

So rad.

(Photo credit: All pics in this post shot by Octavio Ortuno)




13 responses

31 10 2012

Buddy for president.

31 10 2012

HaHa, yeah right Bobby. You need to take this thing for a spin. I will be putting taller bars on it tonight, I think it will be even better all around.

1 11 2012

Such a gnarly 26, the geometry looks on spot proportionate, it certainly doesn’t look like a 26. How does it feel with tha super high BB????

1 11 2012

It’s only about 1/4 inch above the axles. It feels great and bunny hops very easy. I wanted a fast responsive 26 bmx but not a dirt jumper.

21 12 2012
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25 12 2012
Cherie Barnett

How can I order the custom dig issues (the BF one)

28 12 2012

You’ll probably want to get a hold of someone at Dig magazine (http://digbmx.mpora.com/) to see if you can get a back issue…

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