Just another Movie Monday

27 07 2015

Maybe it’s not just the summer of BMX movies…maybe it’s the summer of bicycle movies, full stop.

Case in point, the recent Toronto showing of Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame.


Granted, not a BMX movie by any stretch of the definition, it certainly was one of the most entertaining — and inspiring — documentaries I have seen in a long time.

The movie features 75-year-old Giuseppe Marinoni, a former champion road racer that transitioned to become a legendary frame maker who decides he is going to “attempt the world hour record for his age group, all on a bike he built with his own hands almost 40 years ago.”

At times a cranky sourpuss, other times an affable older gentleman…there is no mistaking Marinoni’s passion. When it’s revealed that he will be riding a frame he welded for Canadian cycling legend Jocelyn Lovell in the late 70s — a rider who’s career was cut tragically short when he was hit in an automobile accident — it’s hard not to get teary-eyed.

If you’re a rider, into bikes in general, or simply want to see someone who has kept his fire alive well into his 70s…this is a movie you should check out if you get the opportunity.

You will be stoked.




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