SE Big Ripper: not just for cruisin’

29 06 2013

A BMX bike rolling on 29″ wheels might not strike you as one suitable for shredding on….

Wheelies? Sure.

Kickouts off of curb cuts? Why not.

Shredding dirt jumps? Probably not….right?

Well, it looks like Todd Lyons might have some other ideas about that.

Big Ripper trails Todd Lyons

Check out these shots of Todd kicking out the jams at the dirt jumps aboard the SE Big Ripper. (They’ve been circulating around the internet for the past couple days and definitely caught my attention.)

Big Ripper flatty Todd LyonsWho knew that you could shred like this on the Big Ripper?

And imagine the speed you could carry on these big wheels too.






4 responses

29 06 2013

awesome pics- would love to get hold of one of these…possible next bike purchase

29 06 2013

well… todd is todd… he can make any bike look good!

a friend let me ride his SE 29er at the track… slow as molasses out of the gate (a gearing adjustment would help, but that’s still a lot of rotating weight to put in motion quickly) but the amazing thing to me was how well it smoothed out some of the rough transitions on the track. my 24″ was definitely getting hung up on them, but the SE made it buttery smooth!

i can see why the wheel is preferred in certain MTB circles…

2 07 2015
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30 06 2016
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