Scot Breithaupt made it happen

7 07 2015

Like many in the BMX world, the news of Scot Breithaupt’s passing on the weekend came as a shock to me.

It didn’t seem real.

And while there has been an outpouring of positive messages from the BMX community celebrating Scot’s achievements…he basically wrote the template for BMX back in the day…it still hurts.

I’ve been in a funk ever since I heard.

And going back and forth in my head of what to write about the topic.

What more can you say about this guy?

We owe so much to Scot. As a race organizer, promoter, businessman, a showman and as a fierce competitor.

Scot OM poster

The SE roadtrips back in the day are the stuff of legend. He packed a bunch of crazy BMXers in a bus (or van) and traveled across the US with them.  In the process creating experiences and stories that will last several lifetimes.

This, like so many things Scot pioneered, lives on today…How many BMX memories have been made during BMX roadtrips? Too many to count.


SE Bikes, the legendary bike company he founded, has the slogan “We make it happen.” That was just as (or even more so) fitting to describe Scott. He “made it happen” in so many ways when it came to BMX. He gave us the template to make it happen.

SE-Bike-BoxIt’s up to us now to continue to make it happen…whether that’s holding a jam, piling into a car with friends for a BMX roadtrip or just getting out on a bike for some fun…we have to continue to make it happen. This is his legacy.

C-Ya on the other side Scot.

scot wing thing(The Youtube video above was produced by Diana Frerick, a friend and business associate of Scot, for his 57th birthday last year.)




4 responses

7 07 2015

So sad to hear. I personaly have couple and own one SE bike and Scot was cool when you ever met him. RIP Scot

8 07 2015

RIP Scot – the legendary OM

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