Tested: Odyssey Chase Hawk Tire 24″

30 07 2015

Since we learned about the introduction of the 24″ Chase Hawk tire from Odyssey, the anticipation surrounding them seemed to be sky high. We endured  teaser pictures on the OTX social media accounts, and waited patiently for them to arrive. Thankfully,the 24″ Chase Hawk tires are now out and available.

The question is…do the 24″ Chase Hawk tires live up to the hype?

Buddy Sardenga in Austin, Texas picked up a set to see.

chase hawk tires buddy test

What did he think?

Let’s find out.

Well, the first thing that I noticed about the tires are how quiet, fast, and grippy they are. I did like the Stolen Joint tires* but l could not run my front brake through the fork, they hit the cable.

*Buddy’s currently riding a chrome Stolen Saint XLT.

I ran [Tioga] Powerblocks for a bit since they came in 2.1 and were very cheap at 17 bucks…but they are very slow on concrete.

The Chase tires are a 2.2  [yet still] about the same size as the Powerblocks… but super fast and grip way better.


So, how do they measure up riding street, park and dirt?

The tire is more of a slick for park and street and I was concerned about dirt riding with them.

I guess they did their research on that because I had no issues on the dirt.

Those little groves that come from the side provide very good traction even if things are not very well groomed.

Looks like the 24″ Chase Hawk tires do live up to the hype.  I think Buddy’s final thought on the tires sums it up best.

If you ride a 24, check them out for sure.

It appears Odyssey’s got a winner on their hands with the 24″ Chase Hawk tires.


A 24″ Chase Hawk tire on the horizon?

28 01 2015

I’ve seen talk of this in a couple of places (the otxdesign instagram page and BMX Museum) but so far no official word.

Is a 24″ version of Odyssey’s Chase Hawk tire in the pipeline?

If the word on the street is to be believed, it looks like it’s going to happen. In the mean time, I guess we’ll have to sit tight until we hear about a release date.

Pretty stoked to see this added into the assortment of high-end tires available for new school 24s.



A brake cable for weight weenies

2 11 2011

Just when you thought there’s nothing left on your bike that can be made lighter, Odyssey has gone out and developed a lighter brake cable.

That’s right, kids.


Kids don’t ride brakes these days.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.

Odyssey has come out with a brake cable, called the Race Linear Slic Kable,  that’s 37% lighter than other brake cables.

How you ask? They’ve taken their popular Linear Slic Kable housing and replaced the steel linear wire with an aluminum one.

I’m extremely curious to see how durable these cables are.

Will they stand up? It’s hard to say right now…they’re still pretty new. But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, especially when weight-conscious racers get wind of these.

I do like the added trick factor of the color-coated inner wires and ball ends though (something not available on the regular Linear Kables).

For more on the Race Race Linear Slic Kable, check out the Odyssey Daily Word on it.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

13 10 2011

(Headline best said with a monster truck announcer voice.)

Lots of Sunday news in the past couple weeks, it’s hard to know where to begin.

So let’s just dive right in with the top 3 things going on at Sunday (if you’re a 24″ rider)…

1) Sunday recently debuted the 2012 version of their popular Model-C complete. Off the top, I’m pretty stoked on the refinements to the frame geometry. They’ve increased the top tube length to 22″ (yes!) and tightened the rear end to 14.625″. Lots of people have been asking for a longer top tube on the complete, so it’s great to see it finally becoming available.

Parts- wise, you can’t complain either. Odyssey parts including Quadrant rims, Mike Aitken tires, Monolever, and Twisted PC pedals are all standard on this bike. Throw in Sunday parts like the Sabretooth sprocket and Freeze stem and you’ve got one good-looking complete.

Check out Jim C. shredding this Austin ditch on the new complete for proof that this bike is no slouch.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2) Sunday also recently posted a bike check of Jim’s recently built up Vapor Blue Wave-C.

This is one sweet looking ride!

It’s loaded with Sunday and Odyssey components and gives you a good idea of what a high-end, custom-built 24″ Sunday might  look like (and also how deep the Odyssey and Sunday product lines are). Check it out here. The guard dog named Monty is a nice touch too….gotta get me one of those.

3) If you’re an eagle-eyed reader, you may have noticed that both the Model-C complete and Jim C’s personal ride are sporting the new Sunday Freeze stem.

It’s no coincidence. Jim Cielencki  and Alex Magallan have been using the Freeze stem since February.

Feature-wise, the stem’s top cap is a 6061-T6 aluminum forging (for additional reinforcement in the bar clamping area)  with a  cast aluminum body. It has a 34mm rise (to maximize bar height) and a length of 52mm.   This is a good-looking stem.

That’s all well and good but I have you seen what the price is on this stem? $29.95! For a stem that can hold up to all the abuse Jim C. and other Sunday team riders can throw at it.

That got my attention immediately.

If you’re in the market for a top-load stem, this should probably be on your short-list of choices.

For more on what’s new at Sunday, check ’em out at sundaybikes.com

Festive red wheels for the holidays

21 12 2010

Just in time for the holidays, Odyssey has released its popular 24″ Hazard Lite complete wheels in hard anodized red.

Front wheels are laced to the Vandero 2 hub and rear wheels are laced to the V3 cassette.

It’s been a while since I’ve rocked the red anodized…but I’m digging the look of these wheels….if you are too, check your local shop or mailorder because they’re available now.

Sneak peek: Sunday Wave-C prototype

5 11 2010

Sunday sent over some pics the other day of the new Wave-C frames they’re testing out.

While not a huge departure from the existing Model-C, it does have the wave top tube (that we’ve seen in earlier photos) and hollow dropouts with chain tensioners.

What’s changed/improved

  • a new shaped  chainstay allows you to run the backend shorter than the existing Model-C
  • a 22″ top tube (!)

Have to say, a longer top tube and the ability to run the back end shorter is a pretty big selling point for this frame. Not to mention the extra strength afforded by the wave tubing.

Production colors are probably going to be black and a light blue.

If the  color in these pictures looks familiar to you, you might be a flatlander.  It’s  actually the same one used on the Odyssey Flatware frame (and just being used for the prototype/test frames).

Time for a convertible?

23 08 2010

In an era where the seat post fights for relevancy (man, did I just type that?) the seat post for all seasons and all applications arrives from Odyssey. The Odyssey convertible seat post.

If you run a pivotal seat, a standard seat with rails, and just about every variation in between, this post has you covered. It’s like the swiss army knife of seat posts.

Personally, I like that it will allow me to kick my pivotal seat back a bit…to make things more comfortable when I’m just cruising around. I also like that a gold anodized version is available.

I don’t know how much appeal this would have for 20″ riders running slammed seats but for 24″ riders…and flatland riders, I suppose (not that that’s a mutually exclusive group), it looks like a good option.

Check out this video with Nuno at Odyssey (from RideBMX) explaining how versatile the convertible post is.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Are shaved headtubes next for Model-Cs?

9 02 2010

Odyssey designer, Jim Bauer recently had a couple of bike checks posted on ESPN, including his tricked out Sunday Model-C.

Off the top, you’ll notice the tricked out, “Bauer-original” paint job and it’s brakeless setup. It’s also loaded with Odyssey and G-Sport components.

Sunday has been experimenting with a shaved headtube design and Jim’s ride has it! The headtube is slimmed down, with less of an hour-glass shape and the bearings of the internal headset are exposed.

Finally, a picture of the man with his bikes. That’s a Metal prototype on the right. This photo just begs for a caption that includes the phrase, “…from the wrong side of the tracks.”