First look: S&M 29″ Pounding Beer forks

9 08 2018

As surprising as it is to see a 29″ fork from S&M Bikes, this is legit!

Apparently despite the popularity of 29″ cruisers from SE Bikes, 29″ replacement forks are hard to come by.

Sensing a market opportunity, the guys at S&M stepped in (stepped up?) to answer the call. Sporting  similar styling and a name that’s reminiscent (or at least rhymes) with the iconic “Landing Gear” this is now available for order from Planet BMX.

Dubbed the “Pounding Beer” fork, it’s a bit tongue in cheek…but would you expect anything less from S&M?

Available in white, black or chrome-plated.





Sneak Peek: 2016 Skyway T/A 24″

12 08 2015

Just caught this sneak peek/spy shot over on the Planet BMX Facebook feed.

It’s the new 2016 version of the 24″ Skyway T/A XL frame & fork set, fresh from the paint shop.

2016 Skyway 24in TA

A noticeable (and much welcomed) change from the previous iteration is the introduction of an integrated headset.

Color choices are white and chrome.

Watch for these to become available in the next 6-8 weeks. (Visit Planet BMX if you want to get in on the pre-sale.)

Pic: Planet BMX

Something sweet from Skyway

13 02 2014

Planet BMX has been on a bit of a roll lately, partnering with Haro on the introduction of the retro Haro cruisers most recently, and bringing back the legendary Skyway T/A (with modern touches) prior to that.

As further evidence that they won’t be slowing their roll any time soon, they have released pictures of the new candy-chrome Skyway T/As they will be stocking soon in both 20 and 24″ versions. (To get this look they put a translucent powdercoat finish over chrome plating.)

Candy Chrome Skyway Frame and ForkThe candy chrome name is fitting because these frames, forks and handlebars look sweet!

For now, the red and blue candy chrome version will be the only colors available. However, plans are already underway for other colors. They’re currently waiting on samples of gold, green, and purple. The outlook is to do 20 sets (each) in red and blue, and limited quantities (like five or so) of each of the other colors. You could have a very unique ride if you’re quick or lucky enough to nab one of these small run unique colors!

Digression: I can’t read the words “candy chrome” without thinking about this song.

Check the Planet BMX Facebook page for the latest on these new frames, forks and handlebars.  For now, have another look at that sweet red candy chrome.

Candy Chrome Skyway headtube

Haro goes retro in a big way

11 02 2014

Planet BMX dropped the news today that Haro Bikes is coming out with a 24″ Retro Freestyler MASTER.

Two version will be available: a spoked wheel version or a version with limited-edition 50th Anniversary Skyway Tuff Wheels

The Tuffs definitely up the cool factor…that’s for sure.

Haro retro 24in Master mag wheels

Set for release in the May / June period  I bet these bad boys are going to go quick.

But Haro didn’t stop there…they’re also releasing a 26″ version.

Yup, you read that right.

Haro retro 26in Master spoked wheels

Framesets will be available too

Don’t have the coin to drop on a complete? Or maybe just want to customize your own retro Master? They’ve got you covered too…framesets of the new retro Master will also be available (on the 24″ at least…not 100% sure on the 26).

Quite the cool offering by one of the oldest brands in the sport.

Traveling Florida by cruiser

9 04 2013

Steve, a guy in the PlanetBMX shipping department, and Von (a good friend and fellow Floridian) left today for a couple hundred mile ride across the state of Florida on their cruisers.

Steve’s rolling on a Floval Flyer complete with Skyways and Von’s piloting a tricked-out S&M.

Steve Ride Across Florida

The plan is to make the epic ride, have some fun along the way and arrive at the 5th Annual Spring Fling in St Petersburg, Florida next Saturday.

Von Ride Across Florida

You can follow their progress over on the PlanetBMX Facebook page.

Pretty cool stuff.

Good luck guys!

Skyway frames out now…for a lucky few

10 09 2012

Planet BMX/Colored Tuffs announced last week that the long-anticipated 24″ Skyway T/A frames were about to be shipped out.

This modern-day adaptation of a classic cruiser frame (only made in small quantities in the original incarnation for the company’s factory riders, not the general public) understandably sold out quickly.

Will another run of these frames be made?

Not sure.

What I am sure of is that I’m dying to see some of these bad boys built up (the chrome ones with black Tuffs and skinwall tires are my kryptonite).

Oh look…maybe the white frames are OK too.

Eva Gabrielle on one of the original Skyway cruisers.

For more background on the Skyway frame check out this early post: Does the  T/A stand for totally awesome?

Skyway 24″ Tuff Wheels are back

23 06 2011

After  25 years, Skyway is once again rolling out 24″ Tuff Wheels from their Redding, California factory.

The catch is that it’s a limited run of just 100 sets.

They will be available in black, white, red and blue (25 sets of each color) and feature original NOS alloy flange hubs that have been locked away at Skyway for 25 years.

Personally, I find the black mag/skinwall tire look totally badass. If I had the room in my stable for an old school 24″ cruiser, I’d be all over these.  Take a look at this vintage BMX Action pic of Richie Anderson battling Greg Hill…those wheels just look mean.

For more details on these wheels and information on how to order them, contact

Dee Snider just wanted to ride

7 06 2011

After rock stardom with Twisted Sister in the early 80s, Dee Snider had to find his kicks in other ways.

One of those ways was BMX.

Snider was a local at Coral Springs BMX in Florida in the early 90s and could be found there, week in and week out, getting his race on.

Dee Snider getting his race on

At the time, Dee was riding a Hutch cruiser but when Chris Moeller at S&M got wind of the rocker’s involvement in BMX, the two ended up collaborating on a signature frame called the Widowmaker (that I posted on recently).

Kind of crazy when you think about it.

Imagine getting up on the gate…and Dee F’n Snider (!) is lined up next to you?


(Photo credit: Planet BMX/Color Tuffs Facebook page)