I wanna rock…an S&M Widowmaker

5 05 2011

Sometime in the early 90s, a  metal band lead singer (that hit the big time a decade earlier) got together with a  little bike company called S&M Bikes and the S&M Widowmaker was born.

The lead singer? Dee Snider from Twister Sister.

Here’s a excerpt from the news section of the February 1993 edition of Ride Magazine with some more background.

There was  an extremely short run of these made so prices commanded for these rigs has understandably gone through the roof.

Love the graphics:

Especially this one:

All in all, pretty cool.

If you want to learn more about the S&M Widowmaker, check out ryanpartridge.blogspot.com (where these pictures are taken from) or BMX Museum.

If you just want to rock out, maybe you should try to relive Dee Snider’s glory days and check out this video.




5 responses

5 05 2011
Erik D

OH YEAH, the Widow Makers are every S&M freaks DREAM FIND….i would LOVE to get one!! A 1 inch threaded S&M and its a 24″ man thats cool B)

5 05 2011

Thanks for adding an impossible to get frame to my list of coveted bike goods. Good write-up and history lesson. As always, thanks and keep it up.

6 05 2011

That’s a pretty sick Cruiser. I love “I wanna rock” sticker. Crazy that Dee Snider was a racer. I had no idea.

7 06 2011
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26 11 2019
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