A little tan never hurt anyone

16 10 2013

Well, it looks like the old skinwall tire is back again.

Sort of.

These days it’s more likely to be called “tan wall.”

And I couldn’t be happier to see it make its long-awaited return.

I’ve joked in previous posts that I’m on a one-man crusade to save the skinwall.

Whether it’s references to tire manufacturers getting skin in the game, asking if it’s time to show some skin again or showing some skin in Utah…I got a thing for the old school-ly look of the skin or tan wall tire.

At Interbike this year you could see the tanwall making it’s presence known on some of the new completes.

From the We The People Atlas 24

To the Free Agent Ratio

To the Stolen Saint XLT

The smooth style of the tan wall was out there getting noticed.

Heck, Stolen is even offering a tan wall tire as an aftermarket option.

It looks like for 2014, sporting some tan might be the way to go.


Skyway 24″ Tuff Wheels are back

23 06 2011

After  25 years, Skyway is once again rolling out 24″ Tuff Wheels from their Redding, California factory.

The catch is that it’s a limited run of just 100 sets.

They will be available in black, white, red and blue (25 sets of each color) and feature original NOS alloy flange hubs that have been locked away at Skyway for 25 years.

Personally, I find the black mag/skinwall tire look totally badass. If I had the room in my stable for an old school 24″ cruiser, I’d be all over these.  Take a look at this vintage BMX Action pic of Richie Anderson battling Greg Hill…those wheels just look mean.

For more details on these wheels and information on how to order them, contact planetbmx.com.

Is it time to show some skin again?

27 11 2008

Whatever happened to the skinwall tire? There was a time when every high-end…scratch that…every tire, high or low-end…had a skinwall sidewall. It was just a given. You took it for granted. Then, without anybody noticing, it seemed every company slowly moved towards the all-black tire. No one seemed to care…actually most probably welcomed it…this all happened during the era when everybody started to run black front wheels and spraypainting everything on their bikes flat black…a nice-looking bike wasn’t important…being hard-core or looking hard-core was all that mattered. But I’ve been looking at some old photos recently and I have gotten a little wistful for the old school skinwall. They really did add that little something to a pair of wheels.

You don’t think so? Just compare this:


It looks okay, right? What am I complaining about?

Now check out this bike..with classic Comp III skinwalls…


Looks a little better doesn’t it? And I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s not because of the number plate!

People, we have to rise up and demand to see some skin again! Bring back the skinwall!

From the cheap seats:

It looks like Colored Tuffs has managed to source some skinwalls for the discerning tire buyer (uhm…that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever typed). Not a lot of detail but worth a look I guess…

Odyssey seems to have something in the works too with the tanwall tire …No word if a 24″ size will be released.