Something sweet from Skyway

13 02 2014

Planet BMX has been on a bit of a roll lately, partnering with Haro on the introduction of the retro Haro cruisers most recently, and bringing back the legendary Skyway T/A (with modern touches) prior to that.

As further evidence that they won’t be slowing their roll any time soon, they have released pictures of the new candy-chrome Skyway T/As they will be stocking soon in both 20 and 24″ versions. (To get this look they put a translucent powdercoat finish over chrome plating.)

Candy Chrome Skyway Frame and ForkThe candy chrome name is fitting because these frames, forks and handlebars look sweet!

For now, the red and blue candy chrome version will be the only colors available. However, plans are already underway for other colors. They’re currently waiting on samples of gold, green, and purple. The outlook is to do 20 sets (each) in red and blue, and limited quantities (like five or so) of each of the other colors. You could have a very unique ride if you’re quick or lucky enough to nab one of these small run unique colors!

Digression: I can’t read the words “candy chrome” without thinking about this song.

Check the Planet BMX Facebook page for the latest on these new frames, forks and handlebars.  For now, have another look at that sweet red candy chrome.

Candy Chrome Skyway headtube




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