Skyway frames out now…for a lucky few

10 09 2012

Planet BMX/Colored Tuffs announced last week that the long-anticipated 24″ Skyway T/A frames were about to be shipped out.

This modern-day adaptation of a classic cruiser frame (only made in small quantities in the original incarnation for the company’s factory riders, not the general public) understandably sold out quickly.

Will another run of these frames be made?

Not sure.

What I am sure of is that I’m dying to see some of these bad boys built up (the chrome ones with black Tuffs and skinwall tires are my kryptonite).

Oh look…maybe the white frames are OK too.

Eva Gabrielle on one of the original Skyway cruisers.

For more background on the Skyway frame check out this early post: Does the  T/A stand for totally awesome?




4 responses

11 09 2012

Wow! They really need to make more of these…

11 09 2012

that bike is sooooo baaaad aaaassssss!!!!

15 09 2012
Ed Ferri

This is Ed from PlanetBMX. We are stoked that everybody loves this thing as much as we do! It is pure art!
Looks like we have about 20 chrome framesets available right now at
We are working a making a 20″ XL model next!

15 09 2012

What about a 22″?

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