Dee Snider just wanted to ride

7 06 2011

After rock stardom with Twisted Sister in the early 80s, Dee Snider had to find his kicks in other ways.

One of those ways was BMX.

Snider was a local at Coral Springs BMX in Florida in the early 90s and could be found there, week in and week out, getting his race on.

Dee Snider getting his race on

At the time, Dee was riding a Hutch cruiser but when Chris Moeller at S&M got wind of the rocker’s involvement in BMX, the two ended up collaborating on a signature frame called the Widowmaker (that I posted on recently).

Kind of crazy when you think about it.

Imagine getting up on the gate…and Dee F’n Snider (!) is lined up next to you?


(Photo credit: Planet BMX/Color Tuffs Facebook page)




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7 06 2011

Man, that would have been the coolest thing ever for a teen in the late 80’s to early 90’s! I can’t even begin to imagine how effing cool it would be to line up next Dee Snider. Of course, my head would instantly be filled with the rocking sounds of Twisted Sister and probably cause me to miss the start! Haha!

4 01 2012
Campbell Milliken

What about that S&M vid of Dee standing on the hood of a car that was drive in circles and he sang “We’re not going to take it”!

8 01 2013

chris was othe hood,and dee was on the curb by the new warehouse, this happened a few months after i moved back to brooklyn , shag

26 11 2019
Dee Snider & S&M: The backstory | cruiser revolution

[…] Pretty cool story (and part of BMX…and heavy metal(!) history). To think it all started because Dee Snider just wanted to ride. […]

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