Build the ultimate cruiser, win a Skyway 24

17 09 2012

Porkchop BMX, Bullseye Cycle and are sponsoring a cruiser-only build off starting tomorrow, September 18.

The best part of this build off is (besides checking out all the awesome builds) is that Porkchop is giving away a fully built up Skyway 24 XL in a random drawing out of all the people that submit a completed bike.

Sounds pretty good to me.

Heck, I may build something myself!

 The deets (direct from Justin at Porkchop):, Bullseye Cycle & have come together to sponsor a BMX cruiser build off running from Sept 18th to Dec 9th, 2012.

Any year 24″, 26″ or 29″ BMX cruiser is allowed to enter and each member can enter up to 3 bikes (one of each size). It is free to join and free to enter the build off.

Bikes will be built from Sept 18th to Nov 17th and “before” pictures of at least the frame and fork must be submitted before Nov 17th. Completed bikes will be submitted from Nov 18th to Dec 2nd. Voting for the top 3 favorites will be held Dec 3rd to 9th – any Vintage BMX member can vote.

Prizes for 1st through 3rd (based on number of votes received) will win both cash and merchandise. Every completed bike entered will get one chance to win (by random drawing) a complete 2012 Skyway 24 XL built with Porkchop BMX and Bullseye Cycle parts. Anyone who enters a Skyway cruiser gets 2 chances to win the giveaway bike. There is approx. $4000 total in cash and prizes being given away for this build off!

Click on over to Vintage BMX for more  on the contest.

Complete Skyway 24… not exactly as shown. (Eva Gabrielle also not included.)

Who’s in?

Looking forward to seeing the builds!

Skyway frames out now…for a lucky few

10 09 2012

Planet BMX/Colored Tuffs announced last week that the long-anticipated 24″ Skyway T/A frames were about to be shipped out.

This modern-day adaptation of a classic cruiser frame (only made in small quantities in the original incarnation for the company’s factory riders, not the general public) understandably sold out quickly.

Will another run of these frames be made?

Not sure.

What I am sure of is that I’m dying to see some of these bad boys built up (the chrome ones with black Tuffs and skinwall tires are my kryptonite).

Oh look…maybe the white frames are OK too.

Eva Gabrielle on one of the original Skyway cruisers.

For more background on the Skyway frame check out this early post: Does the  T/A stand for totally awesome?

Does the T/A stand for totally awesome?

13 01 2012

If you were on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page over the Christmas holidays, you’re already in the loop on this.

If you weren’t, let me give you the scoop.

Back in 1982, Skyway came out with the  T/A frame. T/A stood for “Totally Aerodynamic” and featured teardrop-shaped tubing that made it an instant classic.

It was widely available as a 20″ and Skyway was said to have produced thousands over the years that it was available.

However, despite the 20’s popularity, Skyway decided to only produce a 24″ version in limited quantities. You pretty much had to be a factory rider like Richie “The Avalanche” Anderson to get a hold of one of these puppies.

This kind of exclusivity has made them a much sought-after item for collectors. You either had to be extremely lucky or have deep pockets to get a hold of one of the 24″ Skyway T/As.  (Being as hot as Eva Gabrielle didn’t hurt either.)

But now PlanetBMX and Skyway are working together to bring a 24″ Skyway to the masses.  It’s going to stay true to the original classic design but have a few modern elements thrown into the mix.

Check out the specs:

  • 22″ top tube
  • Euro BB
  • 1-1/8″ threadless headtube
  • V-brake mounts
  • Headtube angle- 73.5 degrees
  • Seat Tube angle- 73 degrees
  • Chainstay length- 15.4″ to 16.75″
  • BB Height- 12.3″

I just love the look of these frames…especially the chrome ones. Throw on some black Tuffs and some skinwall tires and you’ve got a serious looking machine on your hands.

Traditional cruiser bars: who needs ’em?

1 03 2011

Cruiser handlebars.

Those shorter, stubby versions of traditional BMX handlebars.

They always looked a little off to me.

While 20″ bars got taller, cruiser bars (until recently) stayed  smack dab in the 5-5.5 inch range. Perhaps it was a holdover from the days when people used to switch between their 20 and 24 inch bikes during races (had to keep the handlebar height  the same level for both bikes). Still, it was frustrating that you could not get a taller, cruiser-specific handlebar.

I like big bars, I cannot lie (my apologies to Sir Mix-A-Lot).  Cruiser handlebars under 6″ just don’t cut it. If you’re running bars under 6″, ask yourself:  Are my handlebars big enough?

Thankfully, It seems more and more people are realizing that taller bars are the way to go on 24″ BMX bikes. If you look at some of the more recent bike checks, you’ll see how taller bars are definitely the new trend. Granted, the elevated bottom brackets of current freestyle 24s has had an influence on this…but there’s no denying that a slightly higher handlebar would also help the handling of more race-oriented bikes.

Eva Gabrielle is tired of the bar scene

When I first made the switch to the big & tall 24umph bar from Sunday it made an immediate (positive) impact to my bikes handling. I’ve since run them on both freestyle and race bikes and don’t think I could ever go back to traditional cruiser bars. I’m also pretty intrigued by the new taller 24umph bars they’re testing. Come to think about it, even 8″ bars are not that uncommon on 24″ bikes these days.

Perhaps the only holdout, in this new trend towards taller bars is the race community. Race bikes, by and large, still feature the “regular” 5-5.5″ handlebars. But maybe we’re about to see a change there too…a casual walk through the pits at a BMX race will often show many cruisers rocking spacers and top load stems to give the rider a little extra height. Maybe it’s time for racers to drop the charade and just get  bigger bars.

To me, the days of the traditional cruiser bar are numbered. What do you think?

Pardon my French: Cream BMX magazine

12 04 2010

I guess France’s Cream BMX magazine is getting wider distribution these days because I finally saw a copy in a local bookstore.

The magazine is pretty cool with a bit more of an artsy vibe to it than a standard BMX magazine. Great photos and a mix of French and English copy…so you’re not stuck just looking at the pictures…although the article/pictorial on Eva Gabrielle is probably reason enough to check out the latest issue.

Eva Gabrielle adds a little je ne sais quoi to this super rare Skyway TA cruiser.

(Sorry for the small pics…these were the biggest I could find).