T19 “How I Roll” 24inch BMX Cruiser

29 02 2012

T19, one of the better known skateboarding brands in Japan has introduced a cool vintage-looking 24″ cruiser called the T19 X How I Roll BMX Cruiser.

For those on the vintage tip, this bike has all the classic elements to make an old-schooler happy. We’re talking v-bars, retro frame gusset, skinwall tires…true classic style. Not to mention the  frame, fork and handlebar are all cro-mo. (Check out the full spec list here.)

Part of me wants to get one of these and cruise around like it’s 1983!

But then again, it might just be that this T19 video is making me want to grab my bike and run wild in the streets (It’s true…)

Special thanks to Roger Faso for giving me the heads up on this bike.




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