Stolen Saint: a great new 24″ option

10 02 2012

This bike first caught my attention when I was cruising the booths at Interbike back in September.

I was immediately impressed by Stolen’s first foray into the 24″ world.  It looked like they did their homework: tall-ish bars, double-wall rims, raised BB…all at great price (under $500, I believe).

Check out this video of Rick at Pat’s 605 Cyclery in Norwalk, CA  giving the bike the once over (seriously, why don’t more bike shops do videos like this?).

If you’re looking to get a 24″ complete, the Stolen Saint is a great new option.




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10 02 2012
tony s

I just bought one in that colour 3 weeks ago and i use mine for a bit more than “generally purpose” riding around.To me it feels like a more stable 20″ and is great at the local skatepark. First time over the jump-box felt completely natural. Seat is poor so i swapped it for an amber padded combo and the brakes( yep we get a front caliper in blighty!) aren`t brilliant so i`ll try new pads.
Great bike for getting back into riding.

10 02 2012

looks like danscomp is offering them around $429. not bad when you do a side by side with some of the competitors. The geometry is a step in the right direction. Too bad I don’t have one to demo.

13 02 2012

I saw one of these on a BMX Museum ride Sunday, it’s a really sweet looking ride. The guy who owned it loved it, said it was an awesome bike.

17 02 2012

My wife got me one for xmas to ride with my son. Great bike for $365-when dan’s runs a 15% off sale….Aside from Sunday’s model-c these guys seem to have the best geometry….rides very much like a 20” and the fullcrmo frame handles my 220# (so far lol)…

Note: the pats vid you posted mentions a 25/9 drive but it actuall a 25/10

Great Blog….I’d love to see you add a forum.

20 02 2012

Hey, Ron-S, I’ve sent CruiserRevolution a couple of emails about creating a forum. It needs to happen. 🙂

23 02 2012
tony s

Thanks for the stickers CR,will try and get some pics up soon,cheers.

25 09 2012
Stolen Bikes debuts Saint XLT at Interbike « cruiser revolution

[…] Stolen Saint was a solid first effort:  modern freestyle geometry, tough components (for a mid-level bike) and […]

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