Backyard ramp radness from Wayne Keller

23 12 2011

Haven’t heard from Wayne Keller in a while so I was pleasantly surprised to get an email the other day with some recent pics.

Looks like Wayne is still tearing things up…this time on his backyard ramp. Check out this color pic by Chip Riggs…so rad!

And check out this sorta arty black and white shot.  Nice work Wayne!

To see more pics of Wayne shredding, check out his blog,




7 responses

23 12 2011

Nice flatty air right there.I can’t wait to see the specs on that new tribute frame coming out,tt looks pretty long.

30 12 2011

I get so stoked on all the pictures of this dude. So bad ass.

1 01 2012

Gonna start calling him 2 pic Wayne.

17 02 2012
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