Skatepark shredding on a Felt Brink

1 02 2012

Stumbled across this video the other day and just had to post it.

Not only is it the first time that I’ve seen the Felt Brink in action, but Jay Ruff Sr has managed to combine two of my favorite things in one video: skatepark shredding and music from the RAD soundtrack.

Well done.




7 responses

2 02 2012

Good stuff! That park looks rad.

I think dude would dig some taller bars.

2 02 2012

I think I’m doing pretty well doing 180s in the street outside my house, but then I see stuff like this. 🙂

4 02 2012

haha That Rad soundtrack is hilarious

8 02 2012

I was looking at the Brink before I ended up getting an Intense Pro Racer 24 but watching this vid makes me want the Brink again!

24 09 2013
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1 01 2014
jay ruff

that’s me riding and I do run bigger bars now. this was first vid on stock bike. logs of upgrades now. look up jay ruff Sr bmx on YouTube for more new vids

16 03 2014
jay ruff

Hey guys this is my video . I have a new one out check it out ,

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