…and now for the complete picture

25 02 2010

It’s here!

Probably the most widely (and wildly) anticipated 24″ complete has hit North America’s shores.

Sunday’s Model-C frame made waves in the 24/cruiser world last year… and now that it’s available as an affordable, well-spec’d  complete…well, let’s just say these things are going to go like hotcakes!

Most of the major mail order companies are in stock, so if you’ve been looking at picking one up, here’s your chance. Just don’t wait too long…trust me on that one.

(The Sunday Model-C complete as shown at Interbike.)

You complete me…

29 10 2009

ESPN just posted a great interview with Jim C. from Sunday Bikes talking about their new line of complete bikes.  There’s some good stuff about the Model-C,  including details about the components and pricing:

The 24″ Model-C complete retails for about $550 and comes with a full chromoly frame, fork and bars. There’s eight different Odyssey parts including V3 cassette hub, Aitken 24-inch tires and EVO II brakes amongst others. The best part is it carries over the same proven geometry of the Model-C frame, fork and bars.

He also talks about why Sunday decided to go with a complete 24:

We decided to do the 24-inch complete because people mostly believed the geometry worked, but they weren’t willing to spend the money to find out. A shop could now let someone try it out, see that it works and be able to afford it without spending too much money.

Probably the best/funniest part of the interview is this part:

Riders have it good today. They could be getting an orange GT with curved toptube and three-spoke mags like we did back in the ’90s. No wonder why kids started skateboarding back then, the learning curve on one of those was terrible.

No word yet on what the top tube length will be on the Model-C complete, but more info is supposed to be on the way next week. I guess I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed that it will be the 21.75″ size.

Sunday Model C complete

Sunday Model-C complete at interbike

25 09 2009

I’ve been geeking out for the past day or so over all the BMX coverage from interbike.  There’s way too much to cover in a single post but suffice it to say there is a lot of stuff to check out (check out Vital BMX or bmxfeed for the full scoop).

Some notables: Sunday debuted their new Model-C complete bike that will be available in the spring. And Odyssey has a bunch of new parts, including some cool-looking red, white and black HGS 24″ spokes to trick out your wheels.

interbike-2009-sunday-model-c complete

Another interesting thing to come out of interbike…Macneil is switching to 7/8″ (22.2 mm) seat tubes on their bikes. For those of you that started riding after the mid 90s, that means a change back to the size that used to be standard on most BMX bikes.  I guess that sort of thing is inevitable with more and more companies going to smaller tubing and so many people running their seats slammed. As someone that still runs a bit of seatpost I’m not sure if I’m all that stoked on this latest development. Of course, Russ at SPRFLS has a lot more to say on this.