Am I Evel?

25 08 2015

I can’t decide if it’s just an odd coincidence or some kind of cosmic convergence that led me to catch the Evel Knievel doc, Being Evel, on the same day as Drew Bezanson’s epic video edit, Uncontainable, was being released.

It was definitely inspiring to watch both on the same day.

being evel 2

Knievel, the prototypical action sports star — and inspiration to every kid that launched himself off a makeshift ramp — and Bezanson, a modern-day action sports star, breaking new ground yet again.

We all owe Evel a debt of gratitude for blazing a trail for all of us that followed him…inspiring us to “give it a go”…whether that meant working everything out ahead of time or just sending it and seeing if the landing will work out.

Bezanson’s Uncontainable edit shows that legacy carries on…that we should always be testing the boundaries…like Evel showed us before, life is more than just existing, it’s meant to be lived.

Drew Bezansen performs a huge 360 Tail Whip during Red Bull Uncontainable in Truro, Canada on August 5th, 2015.

Haven’t see the videos yet?

Check ’em out below:


Being Evel (to purchase)

Being Evel (trailer)


TJ “Bomber” Baldwin lives up to his name

19 10 2009

Fastlane BMX racing magazine recently interviewed British racer TJ “Bomber” Baldwin (Issue #3) and introduced him by saying:

…no one dares miss a race when the Bomber hits the gate….TJ is famous for nosediving within an inch of his life and generally making the crowd react in ways that only Evel Knievel could ever do….

So what effect does all that nosediving have on the front end of his bike? Check out TJ racing the 30-39 cruiser class at the British BMX Championships and see for yourself.

He certainly lives up to his billing though…talk about a crowd reaction!