Fit CR24 gets an update for 2010

16 09 2009

Fit bikes just released their 2010 catalogue and it looks like the CR24 has been updated for the new year.  Available in chrome (pictured) and black it looks like Fit has followed the lead of Sunday bikes and gone with a higher bottom bracket. We the People also went with a higher BB on their 2010 24″ Avenue. (I guess there’s no better vindication of Sunday’s pioneering move to update 24″ bike geometry than to have other big-name companies use it on their own models.)

I’m a bit suprised that the top tube length is now shorter…down to 21.25″. While not a significant difference, a large number of 24″ riders are the big side so making the rider area smaller seems to be a strange move.

Also, would it kill them to put some gold components on the black version? They’ve done it on some of their 20″ models and it really makes the bike look sharp.

I do like the chrome version though. It’s got that sweet, old school 80s vibe to it.

Fit CR24 2010




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16 09 2009
bam bam

Mr Cruiser Rev,
The Pygmy was already a production bike when Sunday started the Model C, wasn’t it? Not to nit-pick, I just like my KHE.
I am glad companies are paying attention to relative geometry.
FBM is building me a cruiser frame with 14″bb and trail frame (custom)geometry for a third of the price of any other custom frame builder. They have made the process affordable and very personal.
Thanks for the 24″ news

18 09 2009

Hey Bam,

It’s true the Pygmy was out before the Model-C (and is a very nice bike). We even featured it on Cruiser Revolution a while back:
I think Sunday has done more however (through videos, pictures of team riders, etc.) to show what a difference this refined geometry (like the higher bb) makes. It’s that promotion that got other companies to take notice.

I’d like to hear more about your experience going the custom route. Send me an email via the address on the “About” page so we can discuss.

14 10 2009

never beats the new wtp avenue ^^

17 01 2010
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11 01 2012

Sucker for chrome… I’d love to get my hands on one of these (it’s a full time job stalking BMXMUSEUM and EBAY). Not even minding the shorter TT length (I’m pretty short), as I’m riding 21.25 TT now with 7″ bars slapped on.

Damn you FIT for not making this anymore!!!!!

29 06 2017
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