I love gold…

5 03 2009

Gold anodized parts that is.

Maybe  it’s because gold seems to be the only thing not tanking in today’s economy or maybe it’s because what’s old is new again…I dunno…but I’m really feeling gold components again. And I’m not the only one. Freestyle legend Taj Mihelich seems to have been feeling the gold vibe for some time now…he’s been rocking gold rims on a number of his past bikes….his current Giant setup being no exception.

I think what got me thinking about/missing gold components is the  ’08 We The People Unified 24″.


The mix of old and new school on this bike really work for me. Unfortunately, WTP has decided to go with a blue and white combo for ’09.

Perhaps, gold components represent something deeper.  They do if we can trust a BMX academic like Wade Nelson.  When asked by Momentum magazine, “What are the virtues of golden spoke nipples?”  Wade simply responded, “Gold anodized spoke nipples are truth.”


Truer words were never spoken. Now where can I get a pair of those sweet vintage gold anodized valve caps he’s got on his bike?




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5 03 2009

Nice site.

It’s all about the cruisers.

I have a custom .38 special for racing and a WTP for dirt and sk8 parks.

I’ve added you on my blog as a link for all things 24.



16 03 2009
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4 02 2010
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5 11 2016
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