TJ “Bomber” Baldwin lives up to his name

19 10 2009

Fastlane BMX racing magazine recently interviewed British racer TJ “Bomber” Baldwin (Issue #3) and introduced him by saying:

…no one dares miss a race when the Bomber hits the gate….TJ is famous for nosediving within an inch of his life and generally making the crowd react in ways that only Evel Knievel could ever do….

So what effect does all that nosediving have on the front end of his bike? Check out TJ racing the 30-39 cruiser class at the British BMX Championships and see for yourself.

He certainly lives up to his billing though…talk about a crowd reaction!



4 responses

18 12 2009

That’s what you get for racing with an aluminum frame – snap! lol

3 01 2010
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27 05 2010

Dammmmmmmmn! That was so ill! Sucks that SE frame snapped! Nice footage though of him trucking on through.

17 02 2011
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