Chockablock cruiser coverage in Pull mag

28 10 2018

The October issue of USABMX/BMXCANADA’s Pull Magazine follows in the footsteps of last year’s “Cruiser Issue” with pretty much chockablock Cruiser coverage.

The cover is a good one, with National #1 Cruiser rider Major Marshall Gehrke busting out a sweet tabletop, and it is just the start of the cruiser goodness.

Interviews with both Gehrke and National #1 Cruiser Girl Cruiser champ Maddie DeSantis are big features in the mag.

I wasn’t that familar with Gehrke’s background but the interview clearly shows he’s shifting his energies more to freestyle these days. Judging by the cover (and his Instagram) he certainly not afraid to bust out some style and catch air over jumps…so maybe an X-Games medal is not that far off either!

The “Clipped-In” bike check features FallRisk’s Chris Sutton tricked out SSQuared CEO cruiser as well. (It’s pretty trick with a disc brake and carbon fiber wheels.)

Rounding things out is a 6-page feature/buyer’s guide about the the 26″ cruiser revival.

The article talks about the origins of the cruiser class…back when everyone was on 26ers. Of course, as we all know (and if you don’t, check out this post on 24″ RRS cruiser) 24″ cruisers ended up taking over and dominating the cruiser class.

With that being said, we’ve been reporting on this resurgence of interest in 26″ cruiser for a long time now. Back in 2014, we said that 26″ cruisers were having a moment. And, as the years went on, they were making it last.

These days it’s not uncommon to see 26″ dirtjumpers and 26″ cruisers racking up with 24″ cruisers in the older cruiser  classes. Heck, as Pull puts it in the article’s intro:

“Daylight’s Turnell Henry, a BMX Hall of Famer who once raceed on a 26″ Nomura in the early 80s, is now competing on a 26″ Daylight…and winning on it.”

So yes, as the magazine’s cover says, things have come full circle. Good to see the racing world (by way of Pull Magazine) acknowledge it.

All in all, some solid cruiser coverage from Pull Magazine.


So I spotted Big Foot

16 05 2016

The Gary Turner Big Foot 24 caught our eye a while back (at the time we shared a pic of the frame on Facebook)…but just the other day I spotted it — all built up — over at BMX Museum.

As you might recall, the specs on this elusive beast are befitting of its name…it’s 24″(!) top tube is the first indicator of that!

Gary Turner Big Foot 24Rob LaMielle is the proud owner of this fine build.

In keeping with the super-sized frame, Rob kitted it out with —what elsebig bars!

9″ Supercross bars just seem so right for a 24″ built for a giant.

As far as the rest of the frame specs go, the Gary Turner site says they,

“took [their] already race-proven 24″ Pedaler Race frame and stretched it. We added strength to the front end by using .049 4130 American-made chromoly tubing.”

According to Gary, “stiff chromoly frames keeps you straight out of the gate” and there’s “no flex in this front end”.

Frame geo/specs:

  • Head Angle: 72 degree
  • Seat Angle: 71 degree
  • Chain Stay: 15.5″
  • Top tube: 24″ (23 and 23.5″ also available)

If you’re a bigger dude, this might just be the frame to check out.

Pop on over to the Gary Turner site for more details and  ordering information.