When worlds collide

26 05 2016

SE has done a great job of promoting its 26″ Fat Ripper. They’ve even gone so far as to drop an edit of Todd Lyons letting his freak flag fly — riding oneĀ  in a wild web edit.

More recently, they’ve teamed up with BMX legend, Mike Buff, to release a Mike Buff tribute PK Ripper.

It’s a real looker…and certainly evokes the look of the early days of BMX, a time when Buff and RL ruled the freestyle scene.

Now, just to mix things up a little….

Buff and SE took a Fat Ripper and customized it to give it the look of the Mike Buff tribute PK Ripper.

MikeBuff Fat Ripper

The result?

Pretty fresh.

(Frankly, the only way this could be more eye-catching would be if they somehow figured out a way to make some Fat 26″ TUFF Wheels!)



Sneak Peek: 26″ Skyway T/A

22 10 2015

Skyway dropped this teaser photo yesterday (on Facebook) of a 26″ Skyway T/A they are working on for 2016.

26inch Skyway TA

The sample was kitted out with parts sourced from Planet BMX.

Noticeably absent from the picture, however, was any sign of a 26″ Tuff Wheel.

The caption did say:

We will have the 26″ and a NEW Street Beat for 2016…and a few other surprises!

Could the 26″ Tuff Wheel be one of the surprises?

It’s hard to say…Skyway seems to be a little cagey about this point (and not responding to comments regarding it).

Skyway did drop this little mockup back in 2013 saying:

Look what we are working on at Skyway…a 26″ Tuff Wheel! In the “engineering stages” right now!

26inch Skyway Tuff Wheel Proto


Let’s all cross our fingers, OK?