Rocco’s rad 24″ Altruiste frame

20 05 2016

I spotted @roccoq86 ‘s cool-looking 24 on Instagram this past weekend and I was instantly intrigued.

It was from a company that I hadn’t heard of before…Altruiste Bikes.

Altruiste frame

I decided I (we) needed to find out more about this frame.

I hit up Gabo from Altruiste and he gave me the lowdown.

Rocco Altruiste build

Gabo has known Rocco for close to 10 years. Rocco used to ride for Doberman Bikes, a company that Gabo used to work for back in the day.

According to Gabo,

When he contacted me for a new frame, he already knew what he wanted; something very similar to what he was riding with a few geometry tweaks. The most important being the super short chainstays at 13.9”.

The geo that inspired this frame was already very new-school. We simply pushed it a bit further. It’s much lower, to help with tricks, and I think that in terms of feel it’s much closer to a 24”MTB than a bmx cruiser, and I think that’s where Rocco is most comfortable.


  • Head angle: 74
  • Seat tube angle: 71
  • Top tube: 22”
  • Chainstay length: 13.9”
  • BB height: 12.65”
  • BB Drop: -8mm
  • Stack: 440.5mm
  • Reach: 438.5mm
  • Weight :4.75 lbs

The front end also got some special attention to increase strength/durability. Gabo says,

The large 44mm headtube is pretty cool, too.  The 44mm headtube allows you to use a pressfit heaset with larger bearings for a stronger, more rigid front end. You can also get 44mm (or ”ZeroStack”) headsets in different stack heights to modify the geometry.

Pretty cool.

Roccoq86 tailwhip

Rocco shreds on this frame so that increased strength in the front end is probably needed!

roccoq86  altruiste high jump

Gabo built up three of these frame (one being Rocco’s) so if you’re interested…you might want to hit up Altruiste, right quick.

As an added incentive, keep in mind that Altruiste Bikes is a Canadian company…so if you’re buying with American funds…you’ll get a sweet deal with the current exchange rates.


(Pics: roccoq86, @wrathofphil & altruiste_bikes)

McGoo reaches for some Commonground

18 04 2016

Seemingly right on the heels of our last post on Commonground Bikes (Finding that Commonground), an industry icon has thrown his support behind the Commonground concept.

Who is this industry icon you ask?

(If the headline didn’t give it away…)

It’s none other than Harold “McGoo” McGruther.

In a pair of Instagram posts today (here and here), McGruther talks a bit about his personal history riding/racing cruisers and what impact a trails-oriented 24 like the Commonground could have on the big-wheeled BMX scene.

Here’s a couple of tidbits from his posts:

…Commonground [‘s] 24″ seeks to bridge the gap between a BMX bike’s diminutive scale and an MTB’s complexity and cost to give grown-ass men a bike they can ride like they may have ridden in their teens and 20s, before wives, kids and desk jobs set in

If Pro BMX racing hadn’t become a clipped-in gym rat’s game at the turn of last century, I’d like to believe guys like Chris Moeller, @brianfoster, @ecmtb1 and Travis @commongroundbikes would have pushed race machinery in a bigger, faster, more bulletproof direction.

I secretly pine for what might have been had guys like Mike Day, Robbie Miranda and Brian [Foster]* gotten aboard the big bike train.

IMHO there is another good argument for grown men riding bigger bikes: fewer feckless members of the peanut gallery would look down on our sport’s greatest athletes as merely “old men on kid’s bikes.” I personally despise that opinion and comparison, but sometimes perception IS reality.

This isn’t the first time that McGruther has commented on “progressive 24s.”

You might recall a post from some years back, An army of giants take over the trails, where McGruther (using a Mirraco 24 as a jumping off point) talked about the number of core companies jumping into the 24 market (this was back in ’09).

At the time, he summed the situation up quite aptly by saying,

All we know for sure is this: 24-inch BMX bikes are fun to ride, and that’s good enough for us.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


This just in…Brian Foster has jumped aboard the “big bike train“…to a degree, at least…in a surprise announcement — via Instagram — BF dropped the bomb that he was experimenting with an 22″ S&M ATF…and FIT would be releasing a 22″ Brian Foster complete in the new year.