Sunday Wave-C frames are here!

11 02 2011

Just got word that the first shipment of Sunday Wave-C frames has arrived.

It should begin shipping to bike shops and mail orders across the U.S. early next week.

So far only the black version of the frame is available (Vapor Blue will follow, delivery date to be determined).

The initial order is on the small side so if you want to be among the first to ride this frame, you should  probably get in touch with your local shop or favorite mail-order company as soon as you finish reading this sentence.

They’re going to go quick.

It's here...The Sunday Wave-C frame

There will also be matching handlebars and forks. I believe the Vapor Blue versions have arrived (minus the frame) and I will try to post a pic or two of them on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page if I can get a hold of them.

Sunday Front Brake Fork update

Don’t shoot the messenger…production delays on the front brake forks caused them not to be part of this shipment.

Believe me, I think they (Sunday) are just as anxious as everyone here to try to get an exact date for when these will arrive.




25 responses

11 02 2011

Fitting name. I think this frame will singlehandedly be responsible for a wave of older riders returning to BMX.

18 02 2011

For sure, dude. Or it will convert many larger 20 riders to 24.

11 02 2011

Very nice.

11 02 2011

Where online will these be available? They are stunning!

11 02 2011

Anxious is not a good enough word to describe how I feel about the forks.
And this frame is gorgeous but I’m not buying it til I get my forks!

11 02 2011

electric blue,yes,please?

11 02 2011

Just emailed Jim about it. About a month ago, he said that the Sunday website would be selling directly. Now I just have to buy it without my wife finding out. Another Model C just showed up here a few hours ago. I had a weak moment and bought Jims old Model C prototype.

11 02 2011


when it comes to wives,timing is key.Make sure that the UPS dude ,the day he drops the box,will include a Victoria’s Secret catalog on the doorstep….wifey wont notice…Add a 10$ for the UPS comraderie…

11 02 2011

ok, my wife will be pretty cool about this frame. She wanted to buy it for me at Christmas time but it didn’t come out in time so she bought me my Liquid instead. I’ve already talked to her about (while she wasn’t listening) plus I spent $110.00 on Valentine flowers this morning so that should help.

14 02 2011

I think I am going to have custom forks made by standard or fbm.
We old guys can’t wait any longer. We are losing people daily.

19 02 2011

Held a 22 top inch frame in my hand today,very light and the stickers are great.Can’t wait to ride it this weekend.

20 02 2011

The photo here has a different down tube gusset than the one on the Sunday site (that one looks more like the Model-C’s). Any rumors there? I’m hoping the production models match the one seen here- I like it way better!

21 02 2011

The picture above is of a production model.

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